The Advantages Of Tempered Glass In Your Home

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The Advantages Of Tempered Glass In Your Home

Tempered glass is an excellent choice for any home project. It’s a safer alternative to regular glass, has many advantages, and can be used for windows, French doors, shower screens, skylights, and more!


One of the most important advantages of using tempered glass in your home is its strength. This type of glass is four or five times stronger than annealed glass, and it is much more durable. Tempered glass is made by heating regular flat glass until it becomes pliable, then cooling it quickly in a tempering oven. This process creates tension in the center of the glass, and it forces the exterior surfaces to compress. So when tempered glass breaks, it disintegrates into small shards that are less likely to cause injuries than the large shards of ordinary glass. This makes it safer to use in homes with young children and pets, and it also allows for easier cleaning when broken.


Tempered glass is much more durable than annealed glass, and it also has a significantly lower breakage rate. If it does break, it shatters into tiny rounded cubes rather than large shards. This is a good thing for safety, because it minimizes the danger of falling and causing injury. It’s not uncommon to see tempered glass in places where standard glass might be susceptible to breaking, like shower doors and refrigerator trays. Because tempered glass is cooled down more slowly than standard glass, it doesn’t shatter as easily. It can also withstand moderate heat (up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit), making it a better choice for areas where moderate temperatures might be an issue.


Adding glass partitions, windows and doors to your home makes it look sleek and stylish. Tempered glass offers a wide range of colors and designs that you can choose from to complement your interior design scheme. For instance, you can use a stained or clear tempered glass window to complement your decor. You can also install a frosted or engraved tempered glass door to create a more contemporary appearance in your home. The options are virtually limitless!

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