Tips for Keeping Your Glass Shower Clean

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Glass showers are a beautiful interior design feature that uplifts and modernizes a bathroom space. With this considered, it can be hard to keep the glass shower clean from adamant water spots and streaks. Thankfully, there are some tips to follow to ensure you remove water stains from shower walls with ease to leave the glass shower spotless and shiny. 

Some tips include opening the shower door for ventilation, using a squeegee often, avoiding harsh cleaning chemicals, and placing a water softener in the shower space. By following these tips, you can ensure that your shower space will not decrease in value and functionality will not be altered with frequent use.  

Keep Shower Door Open for Ventilation 

After showering, you are likely inclined to close the door. This habit must be broken to ensure a clean shower! A closed shower door will prevent the evaporation of water and result in water spots or streaks. Once you open the shower door, it will dry faster and result in a spotless wall. Another tip related to keeping your shower door open is turning on your bathroom vent vigilantly to ensure water evaporation. 

Use a Squeegee Often 

To keep a glass shower clean, keep a squeegee within reach while using the bathroom. To be most effective, this squeegeeing must happen every day to ensure the resistance of water spots and streaks. This habit can be easily created by keeping the squeegee in the shower area. Once done showering, take the time to thoroughly squeegee all water off of your shower doors to prevent dirty glass. 

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Harsh cleaning chemicals are not the answer to achieving clean shower doors. Instead of effectively cleaning the shower, these cleaning solutions may result in more streaked lines that are hard to miss on a glass wall. In addition to the harsh chemicals damaging the shower walls, they can also create fumes that make a toxic environment for you. An alternative is using a mild soap. Many glass shower owners use liquid dish soap to clean this space. This cleaning choice should be applied with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. It is suggested that this cleaning routine be performed every week. 

Place a Water Softener in Shower Space

The main culprit for incessant watermarks on glass showers is hard water. While this may be a factor that does not routinely impact regular showers, glass showers are sensitive to this type of water. As a result of this sensitivity, it is wise to invest in a water softener. By quickly investing in and installing a water softener to your shower faucet, you can ensure that hard water is no longer an issue when watermarks and streaks appear. 

In conclusion, you need to remove water stains from the shower so that your glass shower looks its best and adds to the value of your home. Learning how to clean glass shower walls with the tips above will be beneficial in years to come!


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