The Different Types of Glass

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Manufacturers use glass for a vast assortment of items. Therefore, you might be interested in knowing the different types of glass and which ones are best for what products and projects. The following is a list of various glass types and what people use them for. 

Low E Glass

This type of glass is excellent in windows in areas where winter temperatures bite. It has a thin metallic surface coat that reflects thermal radiation. Thus, it’s excellent for keeping the thermal insulation working at its highest capacity. Homeowners might invest in this type of glass for their homes in a cold climate. 

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is glass that has color mixed into its composition. The color creates a shade, tint, or darkness. People choose this type of glass for various reasons. Some select tinted glass purely for aesthetics. Some choose it because it offers a high amount of UV protection. Other people might like tinted glass because of its privacy factor. Moreover, it can offer its owners a bit of climate control as well. Tinted glass may very well be the most versatile type that exists. 

Float Glass

Float glass is the most vastly used type of class, and people sometimes refer to it as "basic" glass. Manufacturers usually use this type of glass in other projects, such as laminated and coated creations. Float glass is fantastic because it can be used for such a vast number of projects. It can also be developed in various opacities. 

Patterned Glass

Decorative glass, which also goes by the name of patterned glass, is glass with certain designs on it. This type of glass is mainly used for decorative purposes and aesthetics. Still, people can also use it for its privacy features. Anyone who desires additional features can order it in laminated and toughened options. 

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is glass that has extremely high durability and thermal strength. It is often used in kitchens and other areas where temperatures will soar way above room temperature. Another notable feature of this brand of glass is that it is break-resistant. In other words, it’s some of the toughest glass you can get.

Therefore, some consumers prefer it for areas within their homes where a great deal of action occurs. Once the toughened glass is toughened, it can not be recut. That’s the one slightly negative feature of it. 

Coated Glass

Coated glass usually consists of two glass panes with an insulated area in the middle. It’s primarily used in the wintertime to hold in the heat, but it can also help to keep cool air inside a home in the summer. Thus, homeowners may use this type of glass to save money on their energy bills.  

Those are just a few of the numerous glass types. Knowing the type of glass your home has will help you when you need a broken glass replacement. You can reach out to a long-lasting professional glass company like Santa Fe Glass & Mirror to get a glass that matches your type and needs. 

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