The Right Way To Clean Your Bathroom Mirrors

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Cleaning your bathroom mirrors can be one of the most cumbersome and frustrating jobs in your household. Streak prevention is probably the most unnerving of all. These are some helpful tips if you cant get mirror clean or have streaks on mirror surfaces that you can’t seem to eliminate. 

Gather some heavy-duty supplies.

Using the proper tools is crucial if you want to achieve spotless windows. Microfiber cloths are excellent to work with because they’re soft and will not scratch the mirror surfaces. You’ll also need to use the least abrasive cleaner possible.

You may not have known this, but plain water works great when cleaning windows. You might be tempted to use something like window cleaner or vinegar, but you only need window cleaner for extremely dirty surfaces.

At no time should you use vinegar, however. Vinegar is harsh and can prevent your mirrors from ever shining again if you use it improperly. You’ll be amazed at how well plain water works if you have the right tools for the job. 

Avoid going in circles. 

You’ve probably gotten the idea of going in circles from something you saw on television. However, circular motions are not good for cleaning windows, as they can cause static electricity. They can also cause streaks and such.

The proper way to clean your mirrors is to move in a zig-zag motion. Try it a few times to see how much better your windows come out. It might seem strange at first, but you’ll see the results very soon. 

Try using newspaper if paper towels don’t work. 

Many people choose paper towels for their window and mirror cleaning adventures. Paper towels aren’t the best items to clean mirrors with, though. They may not seem harsh, but they have abrasive material that can potentially harm a mirror.

Microfiber is the best product to use for mirror cleaning. However, a newspaper is an excellent option if you don’t have microfiber readily available. Newspaper is very absorbent and unlikely to leave streaks behind. Be careful when handling the newspaper and preparing it for mirror wiping.

Take your time when cleaning the mirrors and flip the newspaper over to the clean side when you realize it is deteriorating on the used side. You’ll learn how to clean a dirty bathroom mirror and leave flawless results in no time. 

Call a professional if things look grim.

Sometimes, your mirrors are just old and have lost their shine forever. In that situation, you may need to contact a reliable glass and mirror company about installing some new items.

Santa Fe Glass & Mirror has been serving the area for more than three decades, providing clients with high-quality mirrors and glass products. They’re the leading provider in the Santa Fe, Aqua Fria, and La Cienega areas of New Mexico.

You can feel 100 percent secure reaching out to one of their experts for a consultation and some information on products and pricing. Your cleaning project might just become a brand-new renovation in the works.  

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