How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Glass Shower Door

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When you want to take care of issues such as water stains from a glass shower door, you need to speak with our experts at Santa Fe Glass and Mirror. We will gladly show you how to clean shower door installations and even teach you about water stains in shower and what can be done about them. If you put your trust in your team, we will come through with the answers you need about the shower door issues you might be facing. 

What Is Hard Water?

An important thing to know about when it comes to water stains in your shower is that they are often caused by what is known as hard water. This is water with an excessive amount of dissolved minerals in it. That kind of water can leave hard water stains behind and cause you to have trouble dealing with keeping your shower clean. Fortunately, there are solutions that you can use to make sure your shower doesn’t get damaged beyond all repair. 

What Makes Hard Water Stains on Shower Doors? 

One of the most frustrating things for many people to deal with when it comes to their shower doors is the hard water stains that are often left behind. When those stains appear, getting them off the shower door can be major trouble. They seem to be there forever. 

The stains themselves are made up of soap scum. This is essentially a mixture of hard water and oils. Those oils come from the environment and directly from your body when you are showering. When you mix the oils with the hard water, you may notice hard water stains on the shower door and other parts of the bathroom. These stains are a pain to look at, and most people want to get rid of them as fast as they possibly can. This is understandable, and it is a big part of why people take every measure possible to get rid of hard water stains from their bathrooms as soon as possible. 

Hard Water Causes What Kinds of Problems? 

There are a number of problems that can be caused by hard water. It is not something that you should ignore. It can:

  • Cause your appliances to not work as well as they should
  • Make for dirty and unusable dishes
  • Damage your hair or skin

You can’t just ignore hard water and pretend like it is not going to have an impact on your day. The opposite is true, and you need to recognize that you might end up with some serious consequences from hard water damage if you let it slide. Instead, take the time to get this issue fixed so you aren’t left trying to figure out how to clean up hard water stains in the first place. 

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