Who Invented Sandblasting?

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Sandblasting has a number of benefits in industrial applications and while it may seem like a new process, it is actually much older than most realize. The “when was sandblast invented?” question has far deeper roots than expected. The same goes for the “who discovered sandblasting?” query. It all started back in the 1800s….

The Invention of Sandblasting

Benjamin Chew Tilghman is the man who is responsible for the invention of sandblasting and he is now considered an American hero, rightfully so. The idea came to him during the time that he spent serving in the military. Once he saw the effect that windblown sand was having on windows in the desert, he knew what needed to happen next.

The first patent was filed by this resourceful soldier back in 1870, which means sandblasting has been in existence for over 150 years now. The patent was initially filed in the U.S. that year and a U.K. patent followed the year after. Tilghman would eventually win awards for the invention and continue to make certain modifications as the years passed.

How Does Sandblasting Work?

The process happens to be a simple one. Sandblasting takes place when an abrasive substance is propelled at a very high velocity onto a surface with the use of compressed air. This is how the surface is worn away. In other instances, the sandblasting process may be more focused on stripping an outer layer away completely.

The type of sandblasting that takes place depends entirely on the results that the person wants to achieve. Yes, the word sand is present within the name, but there is more to it than that. Different substances can be used depending on the work that is being done.

Fine glass beads, plastic beads, crushed walnut shells, still grit and corn cob grit can all be used for a wide range of different projects. Regular sand may have to be avoided in certain instances because it contains silica, which can be quite dangerous to those who are breathing it in on a consistent basis.

Most Common Uses

Sandblasting will come into play for a variety of industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. When houses and buildings need to have old and tarnished paint stripped away, this is one of the most common methods for doing so. If the surface of a car needs to be stripped so that new paint can be added? Sandblasting is a great way to go as well.

The restoration of outdoor furniture is made easier with the use of sandblasting. Concrete walkways become much easier to clean with this method and bigger structures can finally receive the proper cleaning. When heavy equipment and intense abrasion are involved, sandblasting is one of the easiest decisions to make.

As a final note, please be sure to entrust these jobs to the professionals. Yes, it may seem relatively simple from the outside looking in, but these jobs tend to involve a certain amount of potential danger. Otherwise, injuries can take place and property will be damaged.

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