How to Choose a Wall Mirror

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A mirror is an important accessory for any room. A well-chosen wall mirror can transform a room by making it look bigger and brighter. You can use a mirror to direct light, give the illusion of space, or reflect the focal point of a room. If you are currently shopping for a wall mirror, here are some useful tips on how to choose the right one that would fit your room. 

How Do You Know If a Mirror Fits a Room?

To fit your room perfectly, the mirror should be the right size. There is a good rule of thumb that you can use to pick the proper size. According to this rule, the mirror should be around two-thirds of your furniture’s size. 

The type of your room also determines the choice of a mirror. For example, if you are looking for a mirror for your hallway, it is better to choose a large, rectangular mirror, and place it by your front door. If you are buying a mirror for your living room, make sure that it echoes the lines and shapes of the furniture. If you are choosing a mirror for your bedroom, it is recommended to pick either a leaner or a full-length mirror. With regards to the bathroom, the functionality of your mirror is the priority. For this reason, buying a wall mirror with storage is a smart decision because you can use it for storing your cosmetics and keeping your bathroom more organized. 

Where To Place Your Wall Mirror?

If you are asking yourself, "Where should I put a mirror in my house," here are some useful tips. 

It might be a bad idea to put your mirror on the wall that faces a window because it might reflect the rising sun directly toward the bed or other place where you’re trying to relax. 

You should also think about the most practical places for hanging mirrors. These places include dark and small rooms, bathroom sinks (a perfect place for a wall mirror with storage), and exits and entries of your home, so you can check your appearance before leaving. 

Try to avoid impractical places that might make you or your guests feel uncomfortable. For example, it is better not to put a wall mirror in a dining room because then people have to watch themselves eating. 

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