Four Things You Didn’t Know About Casement Windows

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When you think of windows, what’s the first style that comes to mind? Probably something that slides up or sideways to open, right? What about windows that open outward, like a door? This style is called a casement window, and there are more benefits to it than you may realize.

There is great value to having casement windows. First off, they’re energy efficient—that means more money in your pocket. They’re also safe, since they’re harder to break into. They provide excellent ventilation and can bring an interesting design aesthetic to your home. Read on to discover some things you may not know about casement windows.

What are casement windows?

Casement windows are windows that open outward, like a door. They are opened by a crank, usually on the bottom of the window. You can control how much you want to open the window by turning the crank more or less, and the window will stay where you leave it. This means you can open the window just a crack, all the way or anything in between.

The design of a casement window also allows you to have a full window with no mullion in the center. This allows for benefits like maximized airflow and a full view of the outside.


Airflow is one of the greatest values that comes with having casement windows. Because there is no center bar, you can open the full window. That means twice as much space for air to flow through your home. And because they are controlled by a crank and stay put where you want, you can control exactly how much airflow you receive. You can also use screens with casement windows to keep bugs out.

Energy efficient

Casement windows close very tightly at multiple points of contact, giving them an incredibly solid seal. This means they do a good job of locking in heat when you want to be warm, and keeping it out when you need to stay cool. That translates to a lower energy bill, which can help save you a lot of money over the years compared to other window styles.


Another feature of casement windows that may appeal to you is their uninterrupted view. They can offer the benefits of a picture window but also offer the ability to open up for airflow—it’s the best of both worlds! They also can be made in different styles to give your home a personalized touch when it comes to aesthetics.


Casement windows are a very secure type of window when it comes to preventing break-ins. They close very tightly on all sides, and can only be opened by a crank on the inside. Even when they are open a little, it is difficult, if not impossible, to reach the crank from the outside. And if the window is broken in an attempt to break in, the window is still going to be hard to open due to the crank mechanism being on the inside.

Now that you know more about what casement windows are and the value of casement windows, you may want to consider them for your home. For all types of window installation, including casement windows, contact Santa Fe Glass & Mirror today.

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