The Advantages of Frameless Shower Doors

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A bathroom update can add tons of value to your home while making your morning routine more luxurious and efficient. But if you’re planning on updating your bathroom (or even just your shower) anytime soon, be sure to replace that old shower curtain with frameless shower doors. Read on to learn why frameless shower doors are the way to go:

  • Come in any size: One of the top reasons to go frameless is that these doors can be customized to fit any shower space. Whether you want a massive, elegant shower or a smaller corner stall, technicians can fabricate the perfect doors for you.
  • Let in plenty of light: Nobody wants to shower in a dark, dingy space. That’s where glass doors can save the day! Glass doors let in all of the natural light you could want, making your shower more enjoyable.
  • Make a space feel larger: You might not realize it, but a shower curtain can actually make a bathroom seem smaller than it is. One of the benefits of frameless shower doors is that they help open up a room and make it seem bigger. This is perfect for homeowners with tiny bathrooms.
  • Gives the whole room a facelift: Springing for an entire bathroom remodel can be expensive. Instead of paying for a full remodel, consider simply updating your shower doors. One reason why frameless shower doors are the way to go is that they give your entire bathroom an elevated look and feel.
  • Reduced chance of mold buildup: Due to all the constant humidity in the air, mold growth is a problem in many bathrooms. Upgrading to frameless shower doors is the best way to save yourself from that issue. Since there’s no seal around the shower door, there’s nowhere for mold to hide and grow.
  • Easier to clean: Nobody likes cleaning a bathroom, but you can make it much easier on yourself by upgrading to frameless shower doors. All you need to do is squeegee the door after your shower to keep the glass in like-new condition.
  • Showcase beautiful tile designs: Don’t hide your beautiful, recently remodeled shower behind a curtain. Glass doors provide a clear sightline of your new tile and showerhead, so everyone who walks in your bathroom can marvel at how great your new shower looks.
  • Creates a spa-like experience: Finally, frameless doors let you feel like you’re in a spa each time you take a shower. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending a few more minutes in the shower each morning!

Hire us to install your shower doors

Now that we’ve covered a few of the benefits of frameless shower doors, it’s time to install frameless doors in your home. But installation isn’t a DIY project—you’ll need to hire a professional to tackle it.

With fair pricing and a customer satisfaction guarantee, our team at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror is made up of the best frameless shower door installers in town. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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