What Are the Most Common Mirror Types in Residential Homes?

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No bathroom is complete without a mirror. In the same way a toilet and sink are natural components of a bathroom, a mirror above said sink is a trademark and a staple—but not all mirrors are the same. There are several different residential mirror types.

When designing the interior of your home, you may want to strike a balance between unique and classical. You don’t want your bathroom and its mirror to be cookie-cutter, but you likely don’t want it to be too outlandish either.

This article should help with that. Here are some commonly-used mirror types in homes.

Plane mirrors

Of the residential mirror types, plane mirrors are one of the most commonly-used mirror types in homes. They consist of a flat piece of glass that’s covered with a metal alloy. This produces a laterally-inverted, nearly-identical replica of whatever is placed in front of it. The lateral inversion means that if you hold your right hand up to the mirror, your reflection appears to be holding up its left hand. These mirrors can be found in the bathrooms, bedrooms and powder rooms of many homes.

Convex mirrors

If you’ve ever walked through a store and seen a large round mirror in the shape of a giant contact lens, you’ve seen a convex mirror. These mirrors are usually circular and pop out from the wall. The images they show are slightly distorted due to the mirror’s shape, and the image reflected is usually smaller than the real thing. They are popular for security use in stores, but you can place these mirrors strategically in your home to see around corners or who might be at your door.

Concave mirrors

These are the exact opposite of convex mirrors, as they’re curved inward instead of bulging outward. If you’ve ever looked at the indented portion of a spoon, you understand concave mirrors. In your home, you can implement small concave mirrors for shaving or make up purposes, as when you’re up close to them, the image becomes magnified and allows you to see what you’re doing more easily.

Non-reversing mirrors

When it comes to residential mirror types, this is one of the rarer, albeit useful varieties. A non-reversing mirror is very similar to a plane mirror with one main difference: It doesn’t reverse the image. Because of this, non-reversing mirrors are also known as flip mirrors or true mirrors. If you hold your right hand up to it, your reflection’s right hand will be held up as well. These mirrors allow you to see yourself truly as others see you, and this makes them ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Full-length mirrors

Full-length mirrors are one of the more commonly-used mirror types in homes. You can purchase these in freestanding or wall-mounted varieties, with many people opting for freestanding mirrors so that they can move them around. These are excellent for bedrooms, as the user can try on clothes, take a look in the mirror and try on something else.

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