Want to Increase Your Home’s Value? Here Are Our Top Five Upgrades

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Are you looking to build equity in your home while making it a more pleasant place to live for you and your family? There are some strategic renovation decisions you can make that not only beautify your living space and make it more functional, but also increase your Santa Fe, NM home value. Here are the top five upgrades that help you do just that.

Interior door upgrades

Swapping out your interior doors for an option like a sliding glass barn door is one of the easiest and most effective value-boosting upgrades you can make. While flimsy wood doors are standard in many homes, a sliding glass barn door offers visual appeal and elegance that homebuyers pay more for. Whether you add these doors to provide some separation for your living spaces or additional privacy in your bathroom, glass doors are versatile, flexible and provide undeniable appeal for your home.

Exterior stone veneer

One of the best curb appeal upgrades in terms of return on investment is stone veneer. When strategically placed on the façade of your house and installed by expert contractors, you can often see a full return on investment. It’s best to install stone veneer near principal entries like your front door and the area surrounding your garage door.

Garage door update

A simple garage door update is yet another curb appeal upgrade with an excellent return on investment. Most homeowners can expect to recoup a full return on investment when swapping out a tired, old garage door with a new option. For best results, choose a three-layered garage door that provides excellent insulating value as well as quieter operation.

Minor kitchen remodel

Kitchens are the heart of every home, and a house with an upgraded kitchen gains instant interest from homebuyers. While kitchen remodels don’t always yield a dollar-for-dollar return on investment, they can come very close, and a dated kitchen can actually keep buyers from making an offer on an otherwise picture-perfect property. To get the most from this renovation, keep your current layout intact and install new hardware, repaint, replace flooring and install new countertops.

Outdoor space

Homebuyers pay more for houses with private, comfortable outdoor spaces. In many cases, installing a simple concrete patio in your backyard can generate a dollar-for-dollar return on investment depending on the size of the area and the material you choose. To get the most from this upgrade, add outdoor lighting fixtures to allow your family to enjoy the space even after dark. Remember not to let the patio dominate the entire outdoor space, since yard space is always a selling feature for a home, too.

The upgrades described above not only beautify your Santa Fe, NM home, but they also increase your home value. No matter which upgrade you choose, it always pays to rely on professional contractors rather than try to make DIY renovations. Contact Santa Fe Glass & Mirror to learn more about some of the key upgrades that can help you live better in your home while you build equity at the same time.

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