What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Casement Windows

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Casement windows have been around for a long time, but there have been many advancements in window technology since they were first popularized. While they may not be the most popular type of window seen today, they are making a serious comeback thanks to modern advancements in casement window technology that have improved their strength and durability and made them more appealing to homeowners.

There are many benefits of casement windows that may suit your home or your personal taste. But before we get into all those benefits, let’s first discuss what exactly casement windows are.

What are casement windows?

Casement windows are windows that open and close on a hinge, like a door. This is different from most modern windows, which slide vertically or horizontally to open. There are some significant differences to these two styles.

For starters, a sliding window, also known as a double-hung window, will always leave half of the window space covered. This is because the sliding portion, whether it’s vertical or horizontal, will always need its other half for balance and structural stability. A casement window opens up to allow the full space of the window to be open.

How do casement windows work?

The way a casement window works is via a hinge that attaches to the side of the frame. This connects the window to the frame and allows it to open fully. Oftentimes, casement windows are opened and closed using a crank attached to the frame. Some models, including many older styles, allow you to simply push it open and pull it closed with no crank mechanism.

When the window, or sash, is opened, a tensioning device is what holds it in place. All casement windows have some kind of latch to hold them closed when necessary. This usually is a tight enough fit to hold it flush against the weather strip of the frame.

Benefits of casement windows

There are many benefits of casement windows. Some of them are functional, and some are aesthetic. All in all, it’s a different type of window that can provide a unique or personal touch to your home or office space.

One of the benefits of casement windows is that it allows the entire window to be opened with no obstruction of the view. If you like the idea of picture windows but would like to be able to open the window to feel and smell the outside as well as see it, a casement window may be a perfect solution.

Another benefit of casement windows is that they can catch more breeze from the outside, thereby creating more airflow throughout your space. As opposed to a breeze blowing by a sliding window’s flat opening, the open sash can catch the breeze and funnel it into the home.

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