Steam Doors vs. Shower Doors: What’s the Difference?

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Just because you have glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM does not mean you have steam doors. There are several distinct differences between these two types of enclosures, and it’s important to know what you’re getting before making an investment in new bathroom glass. While glass shower doors are standard, steam doors offer additional features that create an in-home spa environment for your bathroom.

With the above in mind, use the following guide to steam doors to learn how these doors are different from regular glass shower doors. If you decide you’d like to install steam doors in your Santa Fe, NM bathroom, contact your local glass experts for a free quote:

  • Steam room design: While glass shower doors come in all shapes and sizes, they are designed specifically for regular showers. Steam doors, on the other hand, are specifically designed to work in a steam room.
  • Unique gaskets: Steam doors are equipped with specialized gaskets. These components prevent steam from escaping the shower area.
  • Water-tight design: Steam rooms require a water-tight and steam-tight door to work properly. Therefore, steam doors in Santa Fe, NM must offer this design to create an effective steam room.
  • Order specification: When you order steam doors, it’s important to specify that you want a door for a steam room or a steamer. Many glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM are also manufactured in similar styles to use for standard showers, so this specification is key.
  • Steam gap: While they offer steam-tight and water-tight results, steam doors actually have a slight gap at the bottom. This is to allow for proper ventilation in the steam room. Because steam rises, it will not escape through this gap.
  • Adjustable jamb: If the opening of your steam room is not perfectly square, it can be difficult to install steam doors. To accommodate these imperfections, some steam doors have an adjustable jamb that will correct the out-of-square door opening.
  • Sliding or hinged: Steam doors in Santa Fe, NM are available as sliding glass doors as well as hinged doors. Either model can be installed at the front of the steam room for access.
  • Outward entry: If you choose hinged steam doors, keep in mind that all steam doors must open outward. Be sure to allow for this external swinging of the door as you make arrangements for the rest of the room.
  • Wheelchair access: If you would like your steam room to be wheelchair accessible, this is not a problem. Most commercial models of steam doors are designed with appropriate sizing for wheelchair access.

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