How to Properly Clean Your Glass Shower Doors

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Cleaning shower glass can be a challenge. If not cleaned properly, your glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM can start to look dingy, which makes your entire bathroom appear dirty. The soap scum will build up, and your doors will no longer have the clean shine you desire.

To keep your glass shower doors looking sharp, use the following steps. This process for cleaning shower glass is simple and straightforward and will result in sparkling shower doors you can be proud to display.

Choose your cleaning solution

Before you grab a bottle of heavy-duty cleaner that contains harsh chemicals, consider some simple homemade solutions you can try. Distilled white vinegar is a good choice for cleaning shower glass in Santa Fe, NM. Heat ½ cup of undiluted vinegar in the microwave for 30 seconds, then pour it into a spray bottle. Or, use three tablespoons of lemon juice with one cup of water. Another good option is ammonia. Combine two quarts of warm distilled water with two tablespoons of ammonia in a spray bottle.

Spray and wipe

When using any of these solutions, simply spray your glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM with the liquid, then wait three to five minutes to let the solution soak. Then, wipe off the cleaning solution and all the soap scum with a cloth or sponge.

Clean problem areas

If there are any spots that do not come clean during step two, use one of the following products to work on these problem areas:

  • Penetrating lubricants: If you have stains caused by hard water or rusty areas, use these products for cleaning shower doors in Santa Fe, NM.
  • Dryer sheets: Moisten a dryer sheet and use it to wipe away tough scum on glass shower doors. Rinse the glass after wiping with the dryer sheet.
  • Multi-purpose cleaning pads: Wipe away hard water stains with pads designed to remove marks from walls.

Repeat regularly

The key to cleaning shower glass in Santa Fe, NM is to do it frequently. When you keep up a regular cleaning schedule, soap scum will not build up on the glass. Try keeping a window squeegee in the shower and use this to wipe away the water and residue after every use. Additionally, follow the method above each week to keep your shower doors sparkling clean.

Get more tips

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