How Glass Shower Doors Minimize Mold

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For those suffering from allergies, mold is an all-too-common indoor irritant—and one of the leading places in the home where mold accumulates is the bathroom. This is mostly due to hot baths and showers, which lead to the production of steam. Mold tends to develop in moist, dark spaces like those found in enclosed showers.

Thankfully, one way to reduce mold growth is to always remember to run the fan to ventilate the room during and after a shower. Another way to reduce mold in your bathroom is by investing in glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM. Let’s look at the benefits of glass shower doors.

Simplified cleaning

Frameless shower doors are a breeze to clean and maintain. All you need to do is use a mix of vinegar and dish soap on the doors. Follow this up with wiping down the doors with a sponge or a squeegee. Another good practice is to wipe down the shower with a towel following each use. This will keep the shower area clear of mold and mildew buildup.

Get rid of those shower curtains

It’s inevitable—every time you buy a shower curtain, it will quickly begin collecting mold within a few days. When the humidity is high, this problem becomes even more noticeable. This requires either frequent cleaning or frequent replacement of your shower curtains.

Prevent water buildup

Framed shower doors allow for water buildup around the door’s seals. This in turn leads to the accumulation of mold and mildew. However, frameless shower doors avoid this problem and eliminate the buildup of water. So long as you regularly clean the shower area, you should have no problems with mold.

Don’t give mold an opportunity to grow

Because there’s no water pooling around the seals, a frameless shower door will help to stop any mold growth. The fact is that a regular shower curtain or a framed door won’t offer the same benefit. If you wipe down the doors each day, you should have a spotless finish that avoids mold.

A well-lit space

As previously mentioned, mold grows where moisture builds up and light doesn’t reach. Unlike a shower curtain, a clear glass door will allow more light to enter the shower area. This provides another line of defense against mold growth.

Great return on investment

Home buyers are willing to pay more for the bathroom of their dreams. Glass shower doors are a functional, modern-looking addition for any bathroom. Over the long run, this will increase your home’s value. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, check out the variety of glass shower doors that could work well for your new space.

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