What Are Some Common Issues with Commercial Windows?

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Are you having glass window problems at your business? Are you unsure of whether you should fix them yourself or bring in the pros? In some cases, DIY fixes are fine, but in others, it’s best left to the professionals. Here are some leading tips on some situations that require commercial glass repair in Santa Fe, NM.

Window leaks

When your windows don’t shut tightly, it’s going to be a problem. If you see water in the window track when it rains, it means you have a leak. This will likely mean water collects on the window frame, walls or floor, which can lead to water damage. A window not sealing tightly or closing properly is likely the culprit.

One thing you can check is whether there’s debris or anything else building up in the window track. If the window actually is shutting tightly but there are still leaks, the problem could be with the roof or siding.

Foggy windows

When fog accumulates in commercial glass windows, it means the window’s insulated seal is broken. This occurs due to the buildup of moisture in the panes that then condensates. Luckily, this doesn’t mean the entire window needs to be replaced. Instead, you may be able to just replace the insulated glass. Panels that are allowing in moisture can either be repaired or switched out with new ones.

Drafty windows

If you stand near closed windows and feel air rushing in, that’s a problem. This can lead to higher heating and cooling bills due to lack of proper insulation from the elements, which in turn leads to uncomfortable employees and customers or clients. It’s typically a sign that your commercial windows’ weather stripping is breaking down and needs to be replaced. The weather stripping is located around the window sash. Call a handyman or local glass store to have the weather stripping replaced.

Faulty windows

Sometimes windows won’t stay open or won’t shut properly. This is likely due to problems with the hardware as parts break down over time. It could also be due to debris building up in the window track. Check the window track to make sure it’s clear. If it is, you may want to apply lubricant to the window’s moving parts.

Broken windows

Shattered glass is a problem, as it can compromise your building’s security and result in liability issues. It’s best to call the professionals in these situations to have the window glass repaired or replaced and ensure your business property remains safe and secure.

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