The Benefits of Adding Mirrored Closet Doors to Your Home

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Looking for ways to update your home? If you’re a homeowner in Santa Fe, NM, mirror closet doors can transform nearly any room of the house. Whether you need to dress up a bland closet door in your bedroom, bathroom or any other room in need of some extra style, mirror closet doors are distinctive and interesting design features that won’t break the bank. Here are the reasons why you should consider a closet door mirror for your next home improvement project.

Mirrored closet doors help your rooms feel larger

Whether you use them in a bathroom or a bedroom, mirrored closet doors help rooms of any size appear much bigger than they really are. A closet door mirror is an easy way to add this unique effect to any spaces around the house. The best part is that they don’t take up any extra space since they’re attached to your closet door. This technique is most effective when used in small spaces like bathrooms. If you have a bathroom closet or cabinet, add a closet door mirror to instantly make even the smallest bathroom look more spacious.

Mirrored closet doors make any room look more modern

Traditional wood closet doors can look woefully out of place in certain settings. If your home in Santa Fe, NM features modern style and a contemporary vibe, mirrored closet doors make a distinctive design statement. They feature clean lines and contemporary hardware for sophisticated up-to-date style. Your best bet is to choose a model with a thin-profiled frame—it’s ultra-modern and you get the most mirror space on your doors.

Mirrored doors also brighten up a room. This is especially helpful in parts of the house that don’t get a lot of natural light. Since light reflects off mirrors, adding this feature to bathrooms or bedrooms instantly lightens them up.

Mirrored closet doors are convenient and functional

Today’s sliding mirrored closet doors operate much better than older ones that are made from heavier materials. Current models are lightweight and open and close smoothly—you’ll notice an ease of use and a reduction in noise as you open and close the doors. When you select your new doors, choose a model that’s built with a high-quality aluminum frame and upgraded hardware, including rollers. Choosing these simple upgrades will ensure your door stays functioning at its best for years to come.

Mirrored closet doors maximize your closet space

Trying to cram more stuff into your closet? Instead of tearing down walls or taking on other renovation projects to create new closet space, use sliding mirrored closet doors to maximize your current space. A professional closet door installer will add the tracks to the top and bottom of your door frame, then place the new mirrored doors on the tracks to provide you with an attractive, space-saving option.

Adding a closet door mirror is one of the simplest ways to upgrade the style of your Santa Fe, NM home. Whether your current doors feel outdated or you want to make a room feel bigger and brighter, this simple update gives any space a touch of modern elegance. Contact Santa Fe Glass & Mirror to assist you in transforming the interior of your home.

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