Minimize Mold in Your Bathroom with Glass Shower Doors

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Thinking about renovating your bathroom? Installing a frameless glass shower door is the best thing you can do for both the appearance and function of your bathroom. If you’re a homeowner in Santa Fe, NM and you’re considering options for your new shower, find out how a frameless shower door not only looks good, but also helps keep your bathroom safe and healthy by minimizing mold growth.

Get rid of the shower curtain

When you choose to install a frameless glass shower in your Santa Fe, NM home, you eliminate the need for a shower curtain by replacing it with a glass shower door. Since bathrooms are often the most humid rooms in the house, dampness clings to any fabric surface within the room. In other words, your shower curtain quickly becomes an ideal breeding ground for harmful mold and bacteria. By modernizing your shower with a frameless shower door, you can ditch the tired, old shower curtain and replace it with beautiful glass that’s easy to keep clean.

Prevent water buildup

When moisture accumulates, so does mold. Traditional framed shower doors are notorious for building up areas of water—it collects under and around the seals. Since frameless shower doors require no seals, there’s no place for water to collect. Mold is a thing of the past when you install a quality frameless glass shower door.

Keep your bathroom ventilated

The design of frameless glass shower doors is much simpler than traditional shower enclosures. By swapping out your old shower stall with a modern glass one, you give steam a better chance to escape the shower enclosure instead of building up within it. The simple design of the shower itself also prevents growth from forming. Traditional shower enclosures often have nooks and crannies where mold grows freely. By simplifying the design, you get rid of these secret hiding spots where moisture can collect.

Simplify the cleaning process

Nobody enjoys cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning a shower can be a cumbersome and tedious task. When you choose a frameless shower door for your bathroom, the ease of cleaning will truly surprise you. All it takes is a mixture of vinegar and dish detergent to wipe away water spots and soap scum from the glass. Spray the mixture and wipe down the doors with a squeegee or sponge. It’s helpful to wipe down the inside of the shower with a towel or do a once-over with a squeegee after every use—it’ll leave the glass sparkling clean with barely any effort!

If you’ve been considering transforming the bathroom in your Santa Fe, NM home by installing an attractive glass shower door, you’re making a smart move for your wallet and for your health. These doors instantly give your bathroom a more elegant look and keep harmful mold from taking root in this damp, humid environment. Contact Santa Fe Glass & Mirror to see how easy it is to integrate a gorgeous new frameless shower door into the design of your bathroom.

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