Why You Should Prioritize Window Replacement

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The winter season is upon us, replete with harsh weather conditions. Having a reliable place to hunker down during the cold months is essential.

The return of rainy and snowy weather emphasizes just how important it is to prepare your home and protect yourself from damage. In fact, there are several reasons to prioritize window replacement for your Santa Fe, NM residence or business.

Preventative maintenance saves money

Residential window replacement, and even replacing the windows of your business or other property, is a worthwhile investment. Waiting for an emergency situation puts you in a tough position—you may not have saved enough money to cover the surprise expense.

Yet, a broken or drafty window is just not something you can afford to defer. Spending the money upfront, proactively, prevents leaks and water from causing more costly damage to your home. The cost of window replacement is small compared to the cost of addressing water damage in drywall, or even flooring.

Drafty windows cause unexpected problems

When windows get old and have endured a few seasons, they become less protective and can even rattle. Movement of the window panes may cause wind to get through small cracks and keep your house cold and drafty. Unfortunately, this can cause serious health issues for you, your family and even your pets.

The health cost is not the only unexpected problem to arise from old, drafty windows. Because your home maintains a cooler temperature during the colder months due to drafts, your electricity bill can soar. It is difficult to assess how much your increased energy usage will cost, leaving you guessing how much more per month you will be required to pay.

Your time is important

The time it takes to replace windows for your home or business is substantial. Window replacement or repair appointments are much easier to schedule when the maintenance is expected or preventative. But an emergency is a huge inconvenience—you will pay more for speedier service, and it may require you to take time off work or reschedule other important plans.

Taking the time each year to assess the condition of your windows is important, and can be incorporated into an annual checklist. When you suspect your windows may need a professional assessment, don’t wait. The longer you put off required maintenance for your home, the more likely it is that you will be inconvenienced by a true emergency situation.

Invest in the right windows

One of the benefits of choosing efficient windows is that you will likely have to perform less maintenance. For example, airtight windows prevent mold growth, which translates into less time cleaning or scraping throughout the year.

Another benefit is the long-term value you receive when investing in high-quality windows. As with any investment in your home, this increases the equity value and makes for a more attractive opportunity for potential buyers.

Choosing the best windows for your home is a weighty decision. Be sure to do research on the best providers of residential window replacement services in Santa Fe, NM to aid your search. For more information on the services and windows Santa Fe Glass & Mirror provides, check out our blog and contact us today!

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