Should I Get Clear or Frosted Shower Doors?

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Remodeling a bathroom or simply updating a few fixtures is an exciting time for every homeowner. It can also cause stress—after all, there are a multitude of choices and providers to consider.

When deciding between clear or frosted glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM, however, you can’t go wrong. Both are an upgrade from shower curtains, which can get moldy and need to be replaced often. There are several benefits to both clear and frosted shower doors, and you will simply have to make the best decision for you and your home.

Clear shower doors create the illusion of space

For smaller bathrooms, one of the benefits of glass doors is that they visually expand the space you are working with. No matter the square footage, clear shower doors enlarge cramped spaces and are more inviting for guests.

Additionally, clear shower doors can reflect light, creating an airy feel to the whole room. A modern aesthetic calls for clean lines and minimalistic design, both of which clear shower doors offer to Santa Fe, NM homes.

Clear shower doors require your time

There are a couple of tradeoffs to consider when choosing clear shower doors, however.

First and foremost is the amount of cleaning necessary to upkeep your sleek design. Not only will you be cleaning and scrubbing your shower doors more often, but you will need to keep the items in your shower organized, since they will be visible to any visitors.

Additionally, this type of shower door lacks privacy. If you live in a large household and are used to being frequently interrupted during shower time, clear glass may not be a functional option. For more privacy, frosted glass may instead be the way to go.

Frosted glass customizes your bathroom

Frosted glass runs across a wide spectrum, from fully opaque to simply featuring frosted accents. One of the benefits of frosted glass is that you can choose from a wide array of options and style your bathroom in a unique way. If moving away from the cookie-cutter modern aesthetic is important to you, frosted glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM give you many options to show off your style.

Frosted glass also provides for more privacy, which is important if you have roommates or a large family. Plus, it is easier to keep clean. But frosted glass shower doors also come with their own tradeoffs for the homeowner.

Frosted glass makes spaces darker, smaller

While clear glass produces a light, airy feeling, unfortunately frosted glass can produce the opposite effect. Small spaces can appear more cramped, and frosted glass does nothing to help dark areas that get little natural light.

For any investment property, or if you are in the process of selling your home, clear shower doors in Santa Fe, NM are the optimal choice for its aesthetic properties. But for functionality and long-term use, frosted glass may be superior.

If you are in need of a professional opinion or expert assessment of your bathroom space, Santa Fe Glass & Mirror can help. Peek at our blog for more homeowner tips on remodeling and upgrading fixtures, mirrors or windows, then get in touch to schedule a consultation.

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