Tips for Holiday Decorating with Mirrors and Glass

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Are you looking for some unique ways to add to your holiday decorations? You’ve probably already brought out the Christmas tree, lights, stockings and knickknacks, but there are plenty of other creative ways you can decorate your home for the holiday season.

As a company specializing in glass and mirrors, we take particular interest in holiday decorations that make creative use out of these items. Here are a few examples of strategies we’ve seen people use for holiday mirror decorating in Santa Fe, NM:

  • Using reflectors on tables: There are certain types of glass accent pieces you can use throughout your home that will create some extra shine and light through their reflectivity. These could include colored (or clear) glass vases, certain types of dishes, snow globes and other glass decorations that can easily sit on tables. When the sun reflects on these items, it can add light into your room, and also create a more jubilant, festive feeling!
  • Adding decorations to mirrors: While mirrors can be used as decorations in themselves, you can also dress them up for the holidays by adding decorations to them. For example, you could add an appropriately sized wreath to your mirror and hang it on the wall to give a little extra holiday flair.
  • Place mirrors on the mantel: If you have a fireplace with a mantel in your home, you can both make your space feel larger and add some extra sparkle to the room for the holidays. Try to find mirrors with silver or gold frames—these will be great for year-round use and still feel festive when the holiday season arrives. If you wish to dress these mirrors up while they’re on the mantel, you can use additional metallic accessories, or add some garland and place them near candles or lights.
  • Get creative with glass lanterns: If you have any glass lanterns or come across any during your holiday shopping, you can find ways to accentuate them for the holidays. For example, you could fill them with holiday items like pine cones, acorns, ornaments or candles. These will help to liven up your shelves, dining room table, coffee table or end tables during the holiday season. It’s an extremely simple DIY type of decoration that will look great and make for a great conversation piece.
  • Play with your Christmas lights: Use the reflective nature of your glass and mirrors to your advantage, and play with the Christmas lights you have around your home. String up lights in strategic locations to get the most out of your glass or mirrors. Introduce glass or mirrored ornaments to your tree and let the tree lights play off of them. Get creative and try new things!

Interested in getting some more last-minute tips for using glass and mirrors in your holiday decorating in Santa Fe, NM? We encourage you to contact Santa Fe Glass & Mirror with any questions you have, or to get some additional ideas that you can implement in your home this season.

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