Does Your Storefront Have Safety Glass?

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Having large glass windows at your store is a good way to showcase what goods you have on offer and attract potential clientele. Unfortunately, all of that glass can also be a hazard and a headache for store owners. That’s where storefront safety glass in Santa Fe, NM can come to the rescue. Continue reading to learn all the benefits of installing safety glass at your business:

  • Safety: As its name suggests, safety glass is just safer than standard window glass. When a regular window is struck with an object, shards of dangerous glass go flying everywhere. That’s not the case with safety glass, which is laminated with a protective film. When objects hit safety glass, the shards remain bonded to the film instead of flying through the air, preventing all sorts of injuries.
  • Security: Installing storefront glass for safety in Santa Fe, NM can also be a lifesaver in the event of a break-in. Criminals see large glass windows as an easy target to commit a robbery, but if you have safety glass, getting in won’t be so easy! Laminated safety glass is composed of several layers, and getting through all of those layers is no easy task. Sleep easier at night and keep your store safe by upgrading your glass today.
  • Noise reduction: Stores located on busy streets have a better chance of attracting customers. However, the traffic and other activity outside can make shopping at those stores a loud and distracting experience, which can be a deterrent for shoppers. Safety glass can block out some of that noise due to the sound-dampening properties of the interlayer material. You’ll be amazed at how much quieter your store is after you replace your glass.
  • Solar energy control: Natural light filling a store is typically a good thing—after all, nobody wants to spend time in a dimly-lit and creepy store! But all of that sunlight could raise the temperature inside, making it uncomfortable while increasing your energy bill. Storefront glass installed for safety in Santa Fe, NM can also be coated with a low-E glaze that reflects sunlight and helps keep your store at a consistent and comfortable temperature.
  • UV control: Along with raising the temperature, the sun’s UV rays can fade items in your store, leading to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Since safety glass reflects sunlight, your goods will be protected from those damaging UV rays.
  • Easy to install: Believe it or not, safety glass can be installed in as little as one day. Professionals can cut the glass to size on-site and place the glass in your windows in a matter of a few hours.

Hire our team to install your safety glass

Installing storefront safety glass in Santa Fe, NM isn’t a DIY job, so you’ll need to call a team of professionals to tackle the project for you. Be sure to hire the crew from Santa Fe Glass & Mirror! We’ve been installing high-quality glass in businesses and homes for over three decades, so you know you’re in good hands.

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