The Difference Between Frosted Glass and Sandblasted Glass

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Glass is a very versatile material that’s commonly used for aesthetic and functional applications in construction and design. There are lots of different ways to customize glass to improve its appearance and add to its features, including frosting. If you’re thinking about purchasing custom glass and you’re confused about the difference between glass frosting and sandblasting in Santa Fe, NM, keep reading for some helpful information.

What is glass frosting?

“Frosted glass” is a general term that’s used to describe glass that’s been treated or modified to obscure visibility and provide privacy. Frosted glass is commonly used for shower doors and bathroom windows to give homeowners privacy in the bathroom. Frosted glass can also be used to create privacy in business environments without restricting light in offices and conference rooms. In addition to the privacy benefits of frosted glass, it also looks great and can be customized in numerous ways. Glass can be frosted to create a specific pattern or represent a company logo, which makes it great for homes and businesses alike.

Glass frosting vs. sandblasting

“Glass frosting” is used to describe a type of general glass treatment, while sandblasting in Santa Fe, NM is a specific type of glass treatment that’s used to frost glass. Sandblasted glass is manufactured with machinery that projects sand or other abrasive materials onto glass. The pressure and abrasive nature of the material etches the glass to reduce the transparency. The transparency can be modified by changing the pressure of the machinery or the specific material used for etching.

In addition to sandblasting in Santa Fe, NM, frosting can also be done with other processes, including acid etching, which uses acid to etch the glass. Another common method is vinyl frosting, which is done with a vinyl sticker that’s applied to the glass to create the illusion of etching.

During the etching process, parts of the glass that are meant to be kept transparent will be masked off to protect them from the abrasive material. This makes it possible for glass manufacturers to create custom glass pieces with unique designs, patterns and even words and logos. Lots of businesses use commercial sandblasted glass in Santa FE, NM on storefronts or around the office to improve aesthetic appeal and branding.

Because sandblasting etches the surface of glass, it can weaken glass pieces. It’s important to use strong pieces of glass that can stand up to the etching process. With that in mind, it’s always best to order sandblasted glass from companies that have a lot of experience and expertise in the glass frosting process.

Get commercial sandblasted glass in Santa Fe, NM

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