Four Benefits of Having Glass Shower Doors

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Bathroom remodeling is a very popular way to add value to your home and increase its appeal to buyers. However, it’s also a wonderfully simple way to add comfort and utility to your home and make it much more enjoyable for all occupants to use. One quick renovation project we’ve see many homeowners starting to explore is the addition of a glass shower door. These items are quickly replacing traditional curtains as a desirable addition to a bathroom, and we feel that glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM are one surefire way to give your home a contemporary look that will really shine. Here’s why:

  • Aesthetics can stand out: One of the biggest reasons that we see our customers at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror opt for frameless glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM is that they just like the look of the addition. A glass shower door gives your bathroom and your home a sleeker look, which can be a wonderful choice for someone hoping to enjoy a modern design feel within their home.
  • Durability: Glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM are certainly a bit more expensive than traditional curtains, at least up front. Shower curtains can go moldy or break down over time, which requires them to be replaced quite frequently. You could be better off going with a glass shower door that will withstand the test of time and keep its structure and look for years to come.
  • Easier to clean: It’s certainly possible to clean a shower curtain—many of them are actually safe to put into washing machines. However, a glass shower door in Santa Fe, NM can give you a new degree of cleaning freedom, especially if you invest in a frameless version. You can easily wipe them down after every shower if you’d like, and the hard surfaces are easier to scrub for deep cleans than more malleable surfaces like curtains.
  • More style options: Glass shower doors are not just limited to using clear glass. Advances in recent years have meant that there are far more choices than ever before. Some use multiple panes of glass in order to create an entire shower enclosure. Some companies also make textured glass or glass that comes in different colors to really give your shower a pop that will get your guests talking. Different colors of metal finishes are also available for framing, including chrome, copper, brass and many more—our team can help you through all of your style choices.

When they’re looking to remodel their home, many people start with the kitchen or the bathroom. The bathroom is typically a more inexpensive option, so it’s a great place to get your feet wet and see how you feel about different looks and styles. Your shower enclosure can be a wonderful focal point for the entire room, especially now that the sky’s the limit for color and texture options. Give Santa Fe Glass & Mirror a call today to discuss how a glass shower door could be the right call for you and your Santa Fe, NM home.

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