Five Signs It’s Time to Replace the Windows in Your Home

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Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or have lived there for decades, one thing you can never leave off your list is inspecting your windows regularly. They are a crucial first line of defense for your HVAC system and can lower your heating and cooling bills considerably. If you live in an older home, they can also be a haven for lead paint, so we recommend that our customers keep a close eye on this vital part of their home’s shell.

Window replacement in Santa Fe, NM can be a costly endeavor, and there are some warning signs that we recommend our customers watch out for before placing a call to Santa Fe Glass & Mirror:

  • Hearing more outside noise than usual: This one might sound obvious, but if you’re hearing the birds chirping and the cars whizzing by more and more on a daily basis, it’s likely not your ears getting sharper. It could be that your windows are deteriorating and need attention or replacement. Home window replacement in Santa Fe, NM is something you’ll want to explore if you feel you can hear more ambient noise than usual when the windows are shut.
  • Feeling a breeze: If you find that you’re feeling drafts from around your windows, even when they’re shut tight, that could be a sign your windows were either poorly installed or are starting to break down. Window replacement in Santa Fe, NM means installing new windows that replace these faulty ones, reducing strain on both your HVAC system and your wallet.
  • Condensation on the windows: You might notice that your windows are frosting or showing condensation between the layers of the glass that make them up. This, in all likelihood, means that your sealing is breaking down, allowing moisture to come in and letting out the insulating gas that makes these newer windows so energy efficient in the first place.
  • Difficulty opening and closing windows: Windows that give you trouble with their physical structure can be a real problem. If you have trouble locking them or even opening or closing them, this could be a sign that they were perhaps not properly balanced when they were installed. It could also be a sign of the rust or rot that usually makes window replacement in Santa Fe, NM a complete necessity.
  • Watch the frames: The wood window frames can be a great place to check for the quality and durability of your windows. If they’re soft or water damaged, this is a sign that they might already be beyond repair. They may even start to sag since they’ve allowed water to infiltrate their interior.

Replacing windows is not something you can leave up to amateurs, since it means keeping your family comfortable in safe in your home. Working with window professionals is a necessity if you want quality work done, and the team at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror is ready to serve you. We’re happy to take a look at your windows to see if repair or replacement could be good options—give us a call anytime!

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