Why Your Business Needs Shatterproof Glass

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Owners of public buildings are increasingly relying on the use of shatterproof glass. There are certain kinds of businesses in which the benefits of shatterproof glass go without saying, such as banks, jewelers or other businesses that have high-value items stored inside. But there are plenty of other kinds of businesses that can also benefit from shatterproof glass in a variety of ways.

If you’re looking into commercial glass replacement in Santa Fe, NM and wondering whether you can benefit from shatterproof glass, you should consider some of the most common applications for this material:

  • Windows: Shatterproof glass for windows is frequently chosen for commercial buildings that are likely to be the target of break-ins. The top consideration here is the kind of merchandise or equipment you have in your business. Certain items are more attractive to potential thieves than others, so if you know you have a type of product that is a hot commodity for burglars (jewelry, electronics, etc.), shatterproof glass can be quite helpful. Windows are frequently the easiest access point for thieves attempting to get into a business after hours, as business owners are more likely to put in heavier security measures at doors, so it makes sense to add some protection at what might otherwise be one of the more vulnerable potential access points.
  • Doors: The glass in doors can be upgraded to a shatterproof variety to prevent potential access by thieves looking to quickly enter a building. For larger buildings that have numerous entry points, including large businesses, schools and government buildings, having shatterproof glass in the doors adds some extra security while still allowing a see-through aesthetic. The glass can also be used for interior doors that have glass panels. Again, considering the recent events that have highlighted vulnerabilities in schools and government buildings, having shatterproof, bulletproof glass installed in these locations can provide some much-needed security improvements.
  • Partitions: Glass partitions are frequently used to create safety barriers between employees and customers or visitors, while still providing an open feel to the area. You’ll often find them at banks, gas stations, convenience stores, school offices, check-in points at schools or government buildings and in police stations. Shatterproof glass allows you to create partitions that are clear and safe, ideal for any office that has a front reception area where there are legitimate security concerns.

Ultimately, the use of shatterproof glass will protect you if a worst-case scenario arises, and also provide you with the ongoing peace of mind that comes with knowing you have added security measures in place in your building.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits associated with the use of shatterproof glass in your commercial building, we encourage you to contact the team at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror. We specialize in commercial glass replacement in Santa Fe, NM, and we’ll be happy to provide you with further information and a quote for the job you have in mind. We look forward to working with you and answering any questions you have for us.

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