Combat COVID-19 with Glass Shields

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The sneeze guards that have historically been used at buffets and cafeterias to protect food are becoming increasingly popular these days due to the spread of COVID-19. This post will teach you everything you need to know about glass shields in Santa Fe, NM and how they can combat the novel coronavirus.

What should glass shields be made of?

Unlike thin window glass that could break at any moment, glass shields used to block the spread of germs should be made of tempered glass, plexiglass or acrylic. These durable materials are scratch resistant and easier to keep clean throughout the day. We recommend using tempered glass for your shield, as it’s not just scratch resistant, but also shatter proof.

What do glass shields do?

Though they’re not medical devices, glass shields can be helpful in all sorts of settings. Here’s how glass shields can help you, your employees and your business:

  • Create a physical barrier: First and foremost, glass shields create an effective physical barrier between your employees and anyone entering the building. The glass helps block any droplets leaving a customer’s mouth or nose, which is helpful when patrons aren’t wearing a mask or bandana.
  • Ensure social distancing: Staying six feet apart from one another is said to play a key factor in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Since that’s not always possible indoors, especially in stores with a checkout line, glass shields will have to do. Just remember to keep the shield clean to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Promote psychological health: Along with blocking germs, glass barriers help ease the minds of both employees and customers in your building. An employee sitting behind glass is more likely to feel safe, and customers will know they’re shopping at a responsible business when they see a glass shield.

Do you need glass shields?

When it comes to glass shields in Santa Fe, NM, we always advise erring on the side of caution and installing them. If any of the points below apply to your business, it’s time to have shields installed:

  • You deal with customers every day: If you operate a grocery store, convenience store or any other business that sees customers each day, you need to install glass shields. Even companies that see only a few customers throughout the day could benefit from setting up glass barriers.
  • You’re worried about your employees: You never know what illness a customer might have, and setting up glass shields is the only way to ensure your employees don’t get sick. Besides, a healthy employee is a happier and more productive worker!
  • You’d like to help flatten the curve: Slowing the rate of infections, or “flattening the curve,” is a popular term these days. You can help flatten the curve by installing glass barriers. Glass shields prevent your employees from catching the virus, which helps stop its spread.

Now is not the time to sit around and wait to install glass shields in Santa Fe, NM. Call our experts at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror today to get a quote for installation!

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