Finding the Perfect Shower Glass Pattern for Your Bathroom

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Whether you are undertaking a complete bathroom remodel or simply need to update the look of an outdated shower door with a refresh, finding the right shower glass pattern is a multifaceted decision. In addition to picking the type of glass pattern that best matches the rest of your bathroom’s accentuating features, you will also have to decide what level of privacy your shower enclosure might need, and what pieces of hardware will add the perfect finishing touches. With this in mind, your local glass specialists are here with a guide to help you find the right shower glass door patterns in Santa Fe, NM:

  • Rain glass: A shower glass door can be much more than just a partition between your shower and the rest of your bathroom, and in fact can actually be an attractive element that enhances the overall look and feel of the space. Rain glass, which mimics the look of water trickling down a windowpane on a rainy day, is textured on the exterior to create the misty look, while the shower side of the glass remains smooth for easier cleaning.
  • Reeded glass: This popular decorative style is commonly used when the shower design includes two sliding doors. Reeded glass is cut on an angle to create diagonal lines that flow towards the center of the two doors.
  • Privacy glass: Your family’s bathroom needs might require a bit more obscurity so that more than one person can use the space to get ready in the mornings. If maximizing the efficiency of your bathroom is the goal, privacy glass that obstructs the view through the door will probably be the best option for your shower enclosure.
  • Decorative and opaque: For those looking to combine a decorative look with enough privacy, there are several great custom options available. Frosted glass stripes, for example, can modernize the look of your glass door, but will ensure that anyone using the shower is comfortably concealed. This striped look can also be used to highlight some of the other design features in your bathroom, such as the tiles, wallpaper or a custom mirror.
  • Glass door hardware: Just as the shower door you choose can come in many different patterns and designs, so too do the hinges, handles and framing options that are available for your door. Your door can be framed in chrome, brass or antique-brushed nickel, and the handles you select can be chosen in any color or style that best matches the rest of the bathroom’s décor.

Whether you’re looking for a custom option that provides the best of both worlds with a decorative finish that offers enough privacy for all, or you want the clean, sleek look that is captured with a clear frameless design, the team at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror has you covered. Finding the right shower glass door pattern in Santa Fe, NM is harder than it may seem, but our team can help you narrow down your choices based on your needs and bathroom design until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call to schedule your consultation—we’d love to get started transforming your bathroom with the perfect shower glass pattern!

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