Common Window Terminology You Should Know

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Windows might seem simple enough, but there is actually a lot of window terminology in Santa Fe, NM that most people aren’t familiar with. While you don’t necessarily need an in-depth understanding of windows to navigate glass shopping and window replacement, it can still be helpful to be familiar with some of the common terms used to describe window and glass components. Knowing some of the most common window terminology can make it easier to discuss your needs with glass contractors and get the products that are right for you.

Most people are familiar with some of the basic terms used to talk about windows, like the frame, panes and sill, but there are many aspects of window terminology in Santa Fe, NM that aren’t as widely understood. Here are some important terms used to describe windows that you might not be familiar with:

  • Jamb: This word is used to describe the sides of a window frame that run vertically on either side of a window. Having this term to describe these parts of a window frame is important for specifying measurements and dimensions.
  • Apron: The apron of a window is a decorative element that is placed beneath a windowsill. A window apron is a type of trim that comes in many different styles, colors, shapes and sizes, and can be custom made to match the specific style of a space.
  • Sash: Window sashing is a term that describes the moving parts of a window. Window sashes contain the window glass and are designed to move horizontally or vertically, depending on the design of the window. Window sashes can be made from wood, aluminum, vinyl and other types of materials with different characteristics and features.
  • Mullion: Window mullions are structural components that are designed to combine two or more windows. Mullions can be placed in different parts of a window and might be oriented horizontally or vertically, depending on the particular window design.
  • Grilles: Grilles, sometimes referred to as muntins, are similar to mullions, but they are visual components rather than structural ones. Grilles create the appearance of division to make it look like there are multiple panes of glass. Grilles are typically made of wood or a composite material that is designed to match the style of the window frame.
  • Weep hole: Many windows feature a weep hole that’s designed to channel condensation and water to prevent moisture damage around a window. The weep hole is important when it comes to preventing damage and boosting the longevity of a window and window frame.

Window terminology in Santa Fe, NM

If you have more questions about window terminology in Santa Fe, NM or you’re shopping for replacement windows for your home or business, reach out to the team at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror. Ever since we began serving customers in 1995, we have been dedicated to making window replacement and glass services as simple and straightforward as possible. Find out more about all of our services and products by giving our team a call today.

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