Making a Case for Crank Casement Windows

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Are you in the market for new windows? The window industry has come a long way in recent years, and consumers now have countless options available. Which style is best for your setting? Casement windows in Santa Fe, NM might offer the ideal solution.

If you need to find the perfect window for your property, consider casement windows in Santa Fe, NM. Here’s what you need to know about this window option.

Benefits of casement windows

This window style offers several advantages to homeowners. First, casement windows provide an unobstructed view. Because they do not feature a center rail like other window styles, they provide clear views of your surroundings.

The second major benefit of casement windows is their ability to bring in fresh breezes. They improve airflow by capturing the air that moves alongside your home. If cranked outward, the window sash scoops in the wind, creating great ventilation and enjoyable breezes.

A third great feature of casement windows is their tight seal. Since they feature half as many sashes to seal as traditional windows, they typically leak less air than other styles. This creates higher comfort during extreme temperatures and can help reduce utility bills.

Lastly, casement windows offer a simple design that allows for easy maintenance. They are simple to operate, and make cleaning easy too.

Where to install casement windows

Casement windows are particularly useful in certain situations. If you have an opening that is difficult to reach, such as a window over a kitchen sink, a crank casement window can make it easy to access the window.

Casement windows in Santa Fe, NM are also great for rooms where you prefer an unobstructed view. For setups with a large picture window, flanking this window with casement windows can add ventilation to the room in an attractive way. This window style is also a common solution for bay window areas.

You’ll typically find casement windows in contemporary style homes; however, homeowners seeking to update old, drafty windows in a traditional style home might also choose this style for its many benefits.

Drawbacks of casement windows

There are two additional factors that you should consider as you weigh your casement window options. These windows may not be the best choice if your home does not have central air conditioning. If you plan to use a window air conditioning unit, a casement window probably won’t be a good fit.

Secondly, keep in mind that the screens on casement windows are on the interior. While this protects the screens from damage and keeps them cleaner, their placement requires you to remove them if you want to access the glass for cleaning from the indoors.

Partner with the pros

Do you need help with the glass for your casement windows in Santa Fe, NM? For reliable glass professionals, contact Santa Fe Glass & Mirror. Locally owned and operated, we’ve been delivering specialized glass services throughout the area for over 20 years. Get in touch with us soon—we look forward to improving your view!

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