Advantages of a Beveled Mirror

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Mirrors are available in all shapes, styles and sizes. Which one is right for your room? That depends. In many situations, beveled mirrors in Santa Fe, NM offer the best solution.

To determine if you should choose a beveled mirror for your setting, consider the following facts. And whatever you decide, you can rely on the glass experts at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror to help you with your glass solution.

What is a beveled mirror in Santa Fe, NM?

A beveled mirror is uniquely designed to create an elegant appearance. The glass professional cuts the edges and polishes the material to a specific angle. This creates a mirror that is thinner around the edges than a flat mirror. The slant at the edges catches light to provide attractive visual effects. This “bevel” provides a prism to create artificial sunlight and rainbows in the room.

What are the benefits of beveled mirrors in Santa Fe, NM?

Beveled mirrors offer a number of useful advantages, including:

  • Aesthetic superiority: Because the edges of beveled mirrors are designed uniquely, they reflect and refract light. This produces an attractive rainbow effect that standard mirrors cannot provide.
  • Safety: Because beveled mirrors in Santa Fe, NM are polished and ground on the edges, they feature edges that are less sharp. This makes them safer to handle and install.
  • Framing: The beveled edges create a natural frame for the mirror. This means they can be used without adding a frame to the glass. Hang a beveled mirror on its own for an attractive finish without a costly or cumbersome frame.
  • Investment: Beveled mirrors in Santa Fe, NM are often hand cut. This makes them valuable, and they can even increase in value as they age, due to the craftsmanship involved in their creation.
  • Depth: If you’d like to add dimension to a space, a beveled mirror is a great way to do so. Beveled mirrors give depth to rooms, since they are great at reflecting light.
  • Customization: By adding beveled edges to a mirror, you can create a design that is unique for your space. Rather than a simple, flat mirror, you can add a specialized design to your room that sets it apart from standard spaces.

Where can I get beveled mirrors in Santa Fe, NM?

Not everyone is qualified to create beveled mirrors in Santa Fe, NM. Special techniques must be used to design and craft these mirrors. For optimal results, consult with a glass specialist who has experience with beveled mirrors. The experts at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror bring over three decades of expertise to every project and would be happy to help you with all your mirror needs.

Enjoy the advantage

Santa Fe Glass & Mirror is a premier provider of reliable glass services in Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. We are a locally-owned and operated business with over 20 years of industry experience. Our friendly and professional staff work to provide quality services and products at reasonable prices. Contact us today for beveled glass, custom bathroom enclosures, furniture tops, mirrored closet doors, picture frame glass, windows and more.

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