Winter Is Coming: Stop Drafts by Replacing Your Windows

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Are your home’s windows showing signs of age? Is your home always too hot or too drafty, or do you have an outrageous energy bill? It might be time to replace your home’s windows. While windows can last for decades, depending on the climate and how well you take care of them, there are times when you’ll ultimately save money by replacing them entirely.

Here are some of the top signs you need to replace your windows with modern and efficient options—you might find that more than one applies to your home already! Winter is on the way, so make sure to tackle this project before the rain and cold arrive. And when you need affordable, professional window replacement in Santa Fe, NM, call the pros at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror:

  • Your home is old: Unfortunately, older homes are more prone to having drafty, poorly-aging windows. As materials age, they can warp, crack or otherwise show signs of wear and tear.
  • They’re showing signs of major damage: Do you have broken glass, warped frames or other signs of damage? It might be time to call in the professionals. If you’re feeling drafts or noticing the windows fogging up, it’s a safe bet that your windows are damaged.
  • Mold is creeping in: Double- and triple-paned windows are great for insulation, but over time, they can get damaged. If you’re seeing mold develop inside your windows, it’s time to replace them.
  • Your energy bill is through the roof: Maybe that ever-increasing energy bill isn’t just a sign of changing seasons so much as the fact that your windows were installed in the last century. Today’s energy-efficient window technology is a great investment that will save you money over time. From multi-paned windows to special UV coatings, your energy bill could drop by up to 20 percent when you install new windows.
  • It’s time for an aesthetic upgrade: It’s okay to be concerned with looks! We all want a beautiful home, and sometimes wanting a new look is just the push you need to replace your old, drafty windows.
  • You’re renovating or restoring your home: With historic homes come historic windows, and antique isn’t necessarily cost-effective over the long run. Historic homes often require custom windows, so you’ll want to invest in something designed to last for decades.
  • You just went through some extreme weather: Finally, if your home just weathered a severe storm, you might be noticing that the windows aren’t performing as well as they used to. It’s worth considering newer, stronger window technology that can stand up to the inclement months.

The team at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror has been the premier source for window replacement in Santa Fe, NM for over two decades. We have the expertise to help you with any glass project you need completed, from window replacement to installing shower doors. Contact us today to hear how you can be the next in a long line of satisfied customers—we look forward to helping you!

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