Repairing Foggy Windows

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When you first bought your house or first replaced your windows, you likely enjoyed a crystal-clear view of the outdoors, streaming sunlight and more energy efficiency in your home. Insulated glass windows are great at keeping the energy costs in your home under control. However, these types of windows can run into some problems after some time, resulting in a foggy appearance or film, which decreases the crystal clarity you once enjoyed. If you think you’re in need of foggy window repair in Santa Fe, NM, read on to learn more about what you can do about this issue.

The cause of foggy windows

There are two main causes of fogged windows. The first type of fog probably happens to your bathroom mirror every time you take a shower. This is easily fixed by wiping away the condensation. But why does it happen to your windows? The cause is likely a high degree of difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures. It may be a very cold day outside and you’ve been running the heat inside all night, resulting in foggy windows when you wake up in the morning. You can wipe them clean or just wait for the temperature outside to rise, and you can rest easy knowing the problem is not with your new windows!

Another type of fog happens to insulated windows over time. If you have two or three panes of glass in your windows, they are sealed together. However, this seal can break or wear down over time. If that happens, condensation that forms in the above fog-producing conditions can get trapped between the panes of glass. Without anywhere to evaporate, these droplets of water become trapped between the panes of glass, creating a permanent fog. You can wipe the outside of the windows all day, but unfortunately, you can’t reach the interior glass where the condensation is trapped. In this case, you’ll need to call for foggy window repair in Santa Fe, NM.

Solving the fog

If you have a permanent fog trapped in your windows, you do have some options. For starters, you can get your windows repaired. Professional window repair technicians can remove the damaged panes of glass and fix the broken seals in your windows. Repairing the window rather than replacing it is the cheaper option, and will soon have your window looking as good as new.

However, depending on how old your windows are, and if you’re worried about the seal being compromised again, you may want to completely replace the windows. Replacing them will also completely solve the problem, but is more expensive and time-consuming than foggy window repair in Santa Fe, NM.

Santa Fe Glass & Mirror can replace your windows or perform foggy window repair in Santa Fe, NM. Our professionally trained technicians are ready to serve you. We’ll come to your home or business and provide installation and repair at the most reasonable prices in the industry. We have incredibly varied expertise, so we can serve you no matter what type of glass or project you need. Plus, we offer free estimates for first-time customers. Call today to learn more!

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