Time to Prepare for Warmer Weather!

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Summer is in the air, and it’s already warming up in many parts of the country. For some folks, it’s the perfect time to open up windows to cool down while others are getting ready to turn on their air conditioners. You’re not alone if you can’t wait to throw open your home’s windows on cool summer mornings and evenings, but it’s best to be prepared before opening up those windows. For all you know, you might be in the market for window replacement in Santa Fe, NM! Here are six things to consider when preparing your house for warmer weather:

  • Clean all windows and screens: With warm temperatures come sunshine and light breezes. If your window glass is not clean, the sunlight will have a difficult time shining through. Cloudy glass makes the natural light look dreary, and the light will highlight debris stuck on dirty windows. When cleaning window glass, don’t forget to vacuum the mesh screens. Dust and other debris particles collect in the screens over time, whether windows are open or closed (which is what they are designed to do).
  • Reinstall window screens: If you removed the screens from your windows over the winter, be sure to reinstall them before or as soon as the warmer weather returns. You’ll likely want to leave windows open more in the summer, but without screens in place, bugs, insects, pollen, dirt and other things near your home can get inside. Give window screens a quick look-over for holes, scratches or other damages. Replace failing screens with new ones.
  • Check window and door seals: Check around your home’s window and door frames to ensure their seals or weather stripping are in good condition. Signs of wear include cracks, splits and tears in rubber seals. Head to your local home improvement store for replacement seals, or hire a window repair professional to do it for you.
  • Test the air conditioner: Most people don’t know there’s a problem with their air conditioning system until they run it hard on a super-hot summer day. Before you start using your AC on a regular basis, test the unit to ensure it’s functioning properly. Also inspect the system’s components for damage.
  • Repair or replace windows: You might need repairs or window replacement in Santa Fe, NM if you feel conditioned air escaping during the summer months, notice your energy bills going up or find cracks in the glass. A window that won’t open or close smoothly is also a problem. Whether you are experiencing one or all of these issues, the experts may recommend installing replacement windows.
  • Use a window treatment: Curtains, drapes, blinds and solar film are some of the various types of window treatments that can keep the heat out and the cool air in on hot summer days. At the very least, they can block out a significant amount of natural heat from entering through your windows.

If you want to talk to a glass professional about window replacement in Santa Fe, NM, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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