Enjoy Summer with New Sliding Glass Doors in Santa Fe, NM

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The right style of doors can enhance the look of your home, and quality doors can boost the value of your property. For a clear view of your yard, especially during the summertime, consider glass doors! Below are some reasons to install sliding glass doors in Santa Fe, NM:

  • Increase light: Indoor lights can brighten things up, but how about using the sun to improve the amount of light that comes into your home? Light really does make rooms stand out, and it helps improve mood, too—sunlight benefits your mental health, energizes your body and mind and creates a calm environment. The major downsides of increased natural light are glare and high indoor temperatures. You can offset these problems with low-E coating on the sliding doors to make the glass energy efficient and able to keep the heat at bay during hot summer days.
  • Breathe more fresh air: You might keep doors closed on hot summer days, then open them in the evenings to let in fresh, cool air. Throwing open a sliding glass door on pleasant nights can also keep your home naturally cool. This allows your air conditioner to rest, saving you money and energy in the process.
  • Get a view of the garden: The great thing about custom sliding glass doors is that you can have glass panels added on either side of the door to open up the view even more. These panels are just glass—they don’t open, functioning more like glass walls. More glass means a greater view of the outdoors from the inside on days that are too hot to sit out on the back patio.
  • Easy in and out: Summertime calls for patio dinners, deck parties and outdoor grilling. That means people will be trailing in and out of your house constantly, opening and closing the patio door to do so. If you have a standard door installation with a twist turn doorknob, a doorstop is needed to hold it open. But an open sliding glass door stays open on its own. Leaving doors open puts less wear and tear on door hardware, especially wear caused by opening and slamming motions.
  • Host and entertain: Do you enjoy hosting friends and family? Sliding glass doors can ensure you and your guests enjoy gatherings even more this summer. When the weather makes it too hot to hang out outside, everyone can retreat to the air-conditioned indoors without losing the view of your beautiful garden. Simply gaze through the glass or welcome the warm sunlight on your face.
  • Stands up to weather: Because sliding patio doors are made of glass, some people assume these types of doors do not have suitable weather protection. However, every type of door material and style will have a varied amount of weather protection capabilities. Talk to your local residential glass expert to find out which sliding door would work best for the area where you live.

Feel free to contact Santa Fe Glass & Mirror today for more information about sliding glass doors in Santa Fe, NM. We’d love to schedule an installation project in time for your upcoming summer gathering!

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