Exploring the Most Common Patterns for Glass Shower Doors in Santa Fe, NM

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Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting opportunity to express your personal style while improving convenience based on your needs and preferences. An important part of this remodel will be selecting the right glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM. The following guide will help you sort through the various options so you can make sure you are making the best decision for your bathroom:

  • Clear glass: Clear glass shower doors allow for unobstructed views both inside and outside of the tub area. Although the doors themselves might not necessarily create much of a decorative element on their own, they can brighten the space and make your entire bathroom feel Clear doors are also a great choice if you have upgraded the interior of your shower area and want to show off certain custom features, such as the tiling.
  • Rain shower doors: These types of shower doors imitate the calming look of water running down a window pane on a rainy day. The exterior side of the glass is textured with the appearance of rainwater, while the interior is left smooth for ease of cleaning. This design also does a good job of masking hard water marks and finger prints.
  • Reeded glass: When the glass of the shower doors is cut at an angle, with the diagonal lines going toward the center between two sliding doors, reeded glass design is being used. This type of design is usually used to improve the aesthetics and add a decorative and welcoming feel to the bathroom.
  • Privacy glass: If there are multiple people in your home who need to share the same bathroom when getting ready in the morning, privacy glass can offer upgraded convenience. Privacy glass that obscures the view through the door means that while one person is in the shower, someone else can be in the bathroom using the sink without infringing on the other person’s privacy, and everyone will be able to get out of the house on time.
  • Combining privacy and decorative elements: There are other custom options that allow you to get the best of both worlds, such as frosted glass stripes. This striped design allows for the right amount of privacy, and can be used to make a statement in combination with the decorative accents used in the rest of the bathroom as well.

To learn more about your available options for glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM, reach out to the team of experts at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror. With over 35 years of combined experience, you can rely on us to help transform your bathroom into something truly remarkable. Whether you have had your eye on a door from one of the top brands in the business or you want to set your bathroom apart with a custom shower door, give us a call today for an estimate so we can begin upgrading the look of one of the most important rooms in your home. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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