Types of Glass Used in Window Replacement

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People often don’t realize what a huge part glass plays in their lives. From the glassware you use at dinner, to your bathroom mirror, to your windows, glass is everywhere. If you really think about it for a moment, you will probably be astonished at how much you come in contact with glass every day.

Glass is really an amazing material, from how it’s made to how it’s applied. However, there’s a lot about glass the general public doesn’t know, so you may be surprised if you are faced with needing a window replacement in Santa Fe, NM and someone asks you what kind of glass you want. What should you tell them?

At Santa Fe Glass & Mirror, our whole world is glass. We do commercial and residential glasswork, from custom shower doors to etched commercial windows. But there are three main types of glass that we use: annealed or plate glass (sheet glass), tempered glass and laminated glass. Let’s take a closer look at all three of these types of glass.

Annealed glass

Annealed glass, also known as plate or sheet glass, is what most people think of when they think of glass. Annealed glass gets its name from the process used to create it. The glass is thermally treated by heating it up to its “annealing point,” which is 600 degrees. It is then slowly cooled to relieve any internal stresses. When annealed glass breaks, it tends to break into longer, jagged shards, which can cause serious injury.

Annealed glass is the least expensive glass, but it’s also the most closely regulated. According to most building codes and state regulations, annealed glass cannot be used in areas where it is likely to break and cause injury, such as doors, bathroom mirrors, showers and overhead lights.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is manufactured by heating the glass to extreme temperatures, usually over 1,000 degrees, and then rapidly cooling it. This process makes tempered glass a lot harder and stronger than annealed glass. Not only is tempered glass less likely to break, but when it does break, it breaks into small, dull, almost pebble-like pieces.

Tempered glass is most often used when a strong glass is wanted that can still be broken in case of an emergency. For example, tempered glass is often used for shower doors, refrigerator shelves and even screen protectors.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass takes the idea of safety even further than tempered glass. Laminated safety glass is made of two pieces of annealed glass that are bonded together with a vinyl layer in between. If the glass is broken, the vinyl layer holds the glass together.

Laminated glass is used when security is a concern. For example, it is often used for glass storefronts or display cases. Even if the glass is broken, it will still remain intact.

If you are in need of window replacement in Santa Fe, NM, we can help. No matter what type of glass you want—annealed, tempered, or laminated—you’ll find that Santa Fe Glass & Mirror has the glass you need!

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