The Different Types of Exterior Glass Doors for Commercial Buildings

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How your commercial space’s outer shell looks says a lot about you, and gives prospective clients and customers a visual idea of how much you care about your company. In short, the exterior of your commercial building, including its doors, must always be ready to make a good first impression, but the doors also need to offer the right kind of functionality.

Here are five types of commercial glass in Santa Fe, NM your business can choose for its doors:

  • Revolving doors: Some businesses have revolving doors at their entrances, which is seen more in cold-weather climates. Not only are they chosen for their unique appearance, but these types of glass doors are an environmentally conscious option. In fact, revolving glass doors do a great job of helping you reduce your business’s energy expenses and reaching your heating goals. These doors also facilitate foot traffic efficiency—when people enter and leave your building through a revolving door, the flow of traffic into and out of the commercial space is improved.
  • Aluminum front doors: One of the most popular types of commercial glass doors is the aluminum storefront door. Aluminum door frames are lightweight, yet strong. The combination of materials is durable and versatile, making them beneficial to all kinds of business establishments. Aluminum storefront doors are highly recommended for high-traffic areas because they let passersby see clearly into your shop or office. If something interesting catches their eye, they may be more likely to walk in and take a look around.
  • Automatic doors: Having automatic commercial doors helps minimize foot traffic jams on the inside and outside of your store, meaning you will have a better flow of foot traffic throughout. Other pros of automatic doors include their need for minimal energy to operate. They are also extremely easy to manage. If you need to, simply lock the automatic mechanism, which seals your store shut. Take your pick between sliding, folding or swinging automatic doors!
  • Frameless glass doors: Many modern style office buildings and retail spaces have frameless glass doors installed. Frameless doors are a lovely alternative to traditional bulky commercial entryway doors, but are often less functional than other commercial door options. Also, consider the area where your business is located. Quality frameless doors are handsome looking, but they aren’t made to completely seal out drafts and moisture.
  • Balanced doors: Of all the commercial door types, balanced glass doors require a lot less space to install and operate. This is because when the doors are opened, only two thirds of the door actually swings. The door always stays within the limits of its frame, which does make this type of door ideal for older buildings and high traffic areas. And since balanced doors need little force to operate, they do well in high wind conditions.

Is your business ready for replacement glass doors? Are you having a brand-new building constructed and searching for the perfect entryway doors to impress? Let the knowledgeable team at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror help. Call us anytime to learn more about all the different types of commercial glass in Santa Fe, NM that we sell and install!

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