Your Guide to Choosing Glass Shower Doors in Santa Fe, NM

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You know you want to give your bathroom a makeover. You’ve added a fresh new paint color to the walls and updated the faucet and hardware on the vanity, so now it’s time to consider installing new glass shower doors. But do you really need different shower doors? Maybe! The shower is, after all, the place you go to freshen up after a long day and for a much-needed wakeup call in the morning.

If shower door replacement is your next home project, read on! Here’s a guide to choosing glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM.

Choose the door style

Keeping in mind any space restrictions, select a shower door based on your preferences and the style and movement of the door. Is there enough width to handle sliding glass doors? Can the room accommodate a door that swings open? Other factors include the height and width of the shower enclosure and placement of hardware on one or two walls. Door style options include:

  • Sliding doors: Two glass panels sit in the frame and can slide left or right to open and close.
  • Swinging door: Also called a pivot door, this is a single pane of glass attached to the wall that swings in either direction.
  • Fixed: This is a single pane attached to the wall that holds the showerhead and protects the rest of the bathroom from water splashes. The remaining shower opening stays uncovered.
  • Door and panel: One narrow pane of glass is fixed to the wall, while another is fixed with hinges to an opposite wall.
  • Bi-fold: Also known as a butterfly door, this option has two same-size panels hinged at the center, which open inward.

Select a shower door mount

Whether your shower is a shower-bathtub combo, next to the tub, a stand-alone shower, in the corner or in a very small space, you will need to select the type of door mount to accompany your shower design. And while the mounting style you choose will be a personal choice, you should consult a contractor to ensure the style can work in the space. For instance, plumbing pipes must be located nearby if you’re installing a brand new shower, or the floor-to-ceiling dimensions might not be workable with your preferred mount. Options include framed, semi-framed, frameless and freestanding.

Finishes and glass

You will also need to choose a finish, hinges and hardware for the frame. There is a range of finishes available, including brushed nickel, chrome and rubbed bronze. Generally, you want to choose a finish that matches your showerhead and other fixtures.

When it comes to glass showers in Santa Fe, NM, know that the less framework there is for the door, the thicker the glass will need to be. Glass shower doors must be made of safety glass, meaning it shatters into small pieces and not hazardous shards when broken. Styles for the flat glass surface include opaque, tinted, clear and etched.

Call or stop by Santa Fe Glass & Mirror to learn more about these glass options, as well as get all the information you need to make the right decision for your new shower door!

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