The Dos and Don’ts of a Shower Remodel

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Revelations are interesting—either you have a revelation and do something about it, or you acknowledge the revelation without pursuing it any further. For example, let’s say you’ve noticed how awful your shower enclosure is. The shower tiles are cracked, its hardware is outdated, the walls are bulging and the floor looks dirty even though you just cleaned it, so you tell yourself that something needs to be done about it—like a complete shower remodel. Plan it now before you forget just how much it needs a makeover!

Whether you are planning to remodel the entire shower or just want to install new walls and a sliding shower door in Santa Fe, NM, make sure you do your research first. We’d like to help you out with some dos and don’ts of shower remodeling:

  • DO know how much maintenance you are okay with: A top reason most homeowners want to remodel their showers is because they want a shower that is easy to maintain. Scrubbing tile grout and stained shower floors is frustrating, not to mention tiring. Before choosing materials, talk to your contractor about your shower material options based on how much maintenance you’re willing to tolerate.
  • DO set and plan your budget: Even though you’ll have a general idea of the cost of your shower remodeling project, you should be prepared to expect the unexpected. This means planning a project budget that includes the things you’re expecting, as well as a budget for the unexpected—consider setting aside a 10 to 15 percent cushion.
  • DO ask the company who will be working on your project: One contractor or a team of contractors could be working on your shower remodel, depending on the size of the project and the size of the company. Before signing anything, you should find out who will be working on your project, including their names, skills, training and experience.
  • DON’T hire the first contractor you talk to: You want your shower remodeled now, but you shouldn’t choose the first contractor or handyman you talk to. You should definitely avoid hiring someone who is not licensed to install showers or sliding shower doors in Santa Fe, NM. Be sure to ask a few contractors for important information like references, pricing and a timeframe to complete your project. Take your time choosing someone.
  • DON’T automatically choose the lowest bidder: You should seek at least three or four bids for your project. Take them all into consideration, but narrow the bids down based on factors like services to be provided, cost, timeframe and guarantees. Whatever you do, do not go with the lowest bid simply because it’s the cheapest.
  • DON’T DIY if you don’t know what you’re doing: Do not do the project yourself unless you know how to install a shower—otherwise, you could make things worse.

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