Glass Shower Maintenance Comes Down to Clean Showerheads and a Good Squeegee

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Nothing makes a statement quite like a glass shower enclosure or door. Glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM can turn any bathroom into a modern and elegant space that is inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

If you have recently invested in new shower doors in Santa Fe, NM, however, you may be wondering how to keep your glass enclosure looking as great as it did on the day of its installation. Thankfully, maintaining a glass shower isn’t as hard as you may think. If you encounter any questions, you can always reach out to the installation professionals for advice and assistance.

Here are just a few ways that you can keep your glass shower doors looking great:

  • Squeegee away: One of the most important preventative measures you can take to keep your glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM looking their best is regularly using a squeegee to wipe away excess moisture. Because all water contains trace minerals and salts, allowing water to air dry on your shower can lead to unsightly marks and streaks.
  • Clean your showerheads: Over time, your showerhead will accumulate deposits of minerals and salts. You’ll need to regularly remove your showerhead and soak it in a vinegar solution, and then thoroughly scrub it to remove all of the accumulated minerals. This will prevent your shower glass from developing similar deposits.
  • Soften your water: If you’re performing all of these preventative measures and your shower glass is still getting cloudy, you may need to pay attention to your water softener. If it needs to have its salts replenished, for instance, the water you shower with may be harder than it should be.
  • Use glass polish: If there are already mineral deposits or white streaks forming on your shower doors in Santa Fe, NM, you should use a glass polish to scrub away the offending marks. Use a glass polish with a fine, light abrasive. This will scrub away the mineral deposits. Afterwards, soak a cotton rag in vinegar and use it to wipe down the glass.
  • Dryer sheets: Another simple trick you can use to keep your shower glass looking great involves a dryer sheet. Take a dryer sheet, get it slightly damp and use it to scrub the glass doors and walls of your shower enclosure. Dryer sheets are formulated to remove excess soap from clothing, meaning that they’re well suited to remove soap scum from your shower.

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