Six Signs of a Bad Window Installation

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Is residential window replacement in Santa Fe, NM in your future? Planning ahead, it’s important that you inspect your windows immediately after they are installed and mention any problems to the installer. Here are six telltale signs of a bad window installation:

  • Shabby appearance: Older windows may show wear and tear and need repairs, but new windows should look beautiful and function properly. What makes new windows look good is the way they’re installed. They should be clean, perfectly level and have no gaps anywhere, either between the frames and the wall or between the glass and the frames. Get up close, use your instincts or ask a friend or family member to give their opinion. If there is a problem with the window’s appearance, state your concerns with the installation company.
  • Hard to operate: As simple as it is to operate a residential window, the installer should still demonstrate the window’s function before they leave. Know that new windows should function without any issues—there is no “waiting period” during which a window shouldn’t open and close smoothly. Test out the windows to ensure they open, close and lock the way they should. Ask the installer to address the problems now before they get worse.
  • Cloudy windowpanes: If you choose new dual-pane windows, it’s important that you know that the space between the panes is filled with gas to insulate the window. Should the seal around the panes break or become otherwise damaged, moist air can get inside where the gas is, causing the window glass to fog up. Cleaning the inside and outside won’t remove the fog because the cloudiness is between the glass panes.
  • Air leaks: New dual- and triple-pane windows are praised for their insulation abilities, but the energy efficiency of your home is not improved if you notice air drafts are entering. Do you feel a draft regardless of whether the window is open or closed? This means the window is not insulated properly. Test for air leaks by running your hand along the window frame and feeling for drafts.
  • Outside noise getting in: When properly installed, high-quality double- or triple-pane windows can reduce outside noise, such as neighborhood kids playing, traffic, road construction and the neighbor’s loud music. But if the sound level is the same whether the windows are open or closed, there may be a problem with the window or how it was installed.
  • Poor caulking: Once the window is installed, caulk is applied. This material surrounds the window to keep the elements out. If the caulking fails or is not applied correctly to begin with, water will get into the walls through the cracks. New window caulk applications should be smooth and even, with no gaps, holes or other open spaces.

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