Common Types of Storefront Window Damage

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Whether you operate in a strip mall or as a standalone retail establishment, it’s a good bet that a majority of your storefront is glass. You want passersby to see what you’re selling or what you have to offer them, as well as provide a clear view of other patrons obviously enjoying your store.

And while storefront glass might be strong and resilient in the face of harsh weathering and age, it’s by no means indestructible. Often, minor damages can befall storefront glass, leaving it compromised or destroyed entirely. When that time comes, nothing short of professional commercial glass repair in Santa Fe, NM will do.

What kinds of damage are your storefront windows liable to encounter? Let’s take a look at some of the catalysts for damage:

  • Impact: A distracted driver pulls up too close to your storefront and bumps your glass. A brand-new teenage driver puts their car in drive instead of reverse. A car hops the curb after the driver falls asleep at the wheel. These are all true stories of vehicles impacting storefront glass! Minor impact might just cause a crack, but more often than not, vehicular impact is enough to bring your entire pane(s) tumbling down.
  • Vandalism: There’s a reason they call burglaries a “smash and grab.” When there’s only a pane of glass standing between a wrongdoer and whatever they’re eyeballing, you can bet they’re not going to have much regard for the glass. Crowbars, bricks and other instruments of destruction can shatter glass or, at the very least, leave a huge crack as evidence of vandalism.
  • Weather: Mother Nature can be scary sometimes. If storm winds pick up and become violent, there’s no telling what they can do to your storefront windows. Gale force winds can throw debris right through your panes, while hail and torrential rain can leave behind cracks and divots. Either way, commercial glass repair in Santa Fe, NM is a critical next step.
  • Age: Large panes of glass aren’t going to last forever. After decades of standing strong, the pressure of the air or the extreme heat of the sun can finally begin to affect glass. Seals can become broken, enabling gas barriers to dissipate. Oxygen between the panes can expand and contract, causing cracks. Even condensation can form, leaving panes with blemishes. Despite their sturdiness, commercial storefront panes aren’t immune to time.
  • Installation error: Believe it or not, one of the biggest issues to befall commercial glass is installation error. When contractors are sloppy or don’t have the right know-how to install large commercial-grade panes, mistakes happen. Over time these mistakes will come to the forefront, causing the pane to prematurely fail. Stick with commercial installation experts and you can avoid this simple issue!

Do you need commercial glass repair in Santa Fe, NM for an emergent problem with your storefront windows? Contact the experts at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror. We’ll get it fixed, no matter which of the above catalysts caused it to take shape.

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