Glass Protection Product Spotlight: Diamond Seal Systems

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Glass is such an important aspect of your home or commercial building for windows, doors, decorations and much more. You want your glass to be well protected and have a long lifespan with high clarity and durability. Scratches, scuffs and corrosion on your glass will look unsightly and can degrade and weaken the surface.

Luckily for you, when you work with Santa Fe Glass & Mirror to install or replace glass in your home or building, we only use top-quality products to protect your glass! Our glass shop in Santa Fe, NM carries and applies the best brands for glass and mirrors, as well as surface protection products. One of our chosen brands is Diamond Seal Systems. In fact, we are an exclusive provider of one of their top products, the Liquid Diamonds Multi-Surface Protective Treatment, which helps keep your glass in great condition!

About Diamond Seal Systems

Diamond Seal Systems has been in the glass industry for over 20 years, creating and improving products for the longevity, clarity and life of glass, granite, tile, steel and more. They utilize their innovative liquid nanotechnology to create environmentally friendly products that clean and seal surfaces like no other.

Diamond Seal Systems strives to create products that cut down on the need to use harsh chemicals or acid-based cleaners to keep glass and other surfaces clean and durable.

Using Liquid Diamonds Multi-Surface Protective Treatment to seal your glass products

Liquid Diamonds Multi-Surface Protective Treatment from Diamond Seal Systems is a protective coating for many surfaces, including glass, stone, granite, marble, travertine, metal, fiberglass, paint, plastic and vinyl. Our glass shop in Santa Fe, NM uses it on our glass and is an exclusive provider of this product to allow you to protect your own glass surfaces!

This protective treatment bonds to the surface’s molecular structure easily and cures extremely fast. Within seconds, you’ll have a UV-resistant, long-lasting coating! This product protects exterior applications for 2 years and interior applications for 1 year, meaning your glass will be protected from oxidation and corrosion without needing to reapply every few months.

The Liquid Diamonds Protective Treatment does not alter the appearance of your glass surfaces and can be applied directly to new or restored glass surfaces. It also helps protect against and reduce the appearance of minor scratching and abrasion. It’s great for exterior applications because of its ability to protect the surface from degrading effects caused by water, acid rain, salt fog, car emissions and other environmental contaminants.

Call Santa Fe Glass & Mirror for your glass protecting needs!

If you require the assistance of a glass shop in Santa Fe, NM to install, replace or protect your glass surfaces, call Santa Fe Glass & Mirror. For over 20 years, we’ve provided commercial and residential clients with top-quality glass installation and repair work. We also do lettering and design, picture frames, Plexiglass, safety glass, furniture glass and sandblasting glass! We only use top-of-the-line brands to provide our exceptional work. If you are a first-time customer, call us today to secure your free estimate!

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