The Pros and Cons of Installing a Frameless Shower Door in Santa Fe, NM

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A popular bathroom remodel project many homeowners are choosing to do is installing frameless glass shower doors. Are you interested in this approach? Let’s review some of the pros and cons of installing a frameless shower door in Santa Fe, NM.

The pros:

There are many reasons why you should choose frameless glass shower doors instead of framed. Here are a few pros:

  • You can customize them: One of the perks of opting for frameless shower doors is the fact that most are customizable. Sure, you could get a design that is mass-produced, one that everyone else has and that only comes in a few select sizes. But why do this when you have can free rein over how they will look and function? Anyway, most people say that the customization aspect is a top reason for their decision to purchase frameless shower doors. Custom doors mean a better fit and the right shape for the door space.
  • They look nice: The bulkiness of framed shower doors comes from the added seals or other rubber and metal that must surround the edges. But custom frameless doors do not need these materials. Steering clear of the extra bulk gives your shower a clean look and can even make your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is. Pure glass also lets you showcase beautiful shower tile designs.
  • They help minimize mold growth: Because there is no metal frame or added seals, mold has few places to grow in your shower. Framed doors tend to have water buildup underneath seals, and dark and moist areas are breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

The cons

While the benefits of frameless shower doors make this design enticing, you also need to know the possible downsides. Here are a few cons:

  • They have a higher price tag: Frameless doors can go for $700 to $1,200, give or take, depending on where you get them customized. There are three main contributors to frameless shower doors costing more. First, frameless doors require a thicker glass because they do not have a frame to hold them up in place. And the glass can weigh between 80 and 100 pounds, meaning it will need much sturdier and often more expensive hardware, like solid brass. Furthermore, since custom-made doors are specially crafted to fit your shower, changing your mind at any time during your bathroom remodel can be costly.
  • They may give up some function: Frameless shower doors have great aesthetics, but they’ve been known to lack in performance. They don’t have protective seals around the frame to keep water from leaking out. Doors not cut perfectly leave gaps between the door and shower opening. Make sure your custom design is made right!
  • They can shatter: On rare occasions, frameless glass can shatter or explode. However, they are made of tempered glass, a safety glass that will break into small, circular pieces to reduce the risk of injury.

Want to learn more about installing a custom frameless shower door in Santa Fe, NM? If so, contact the knowledgeable team at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror for more information or to schedule a professional consultation!

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