Get Insulated Residential Glass Replacement in Santa Fe, NM to Banish Failed Window Seals and Fogged Glass

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Residential and commercial windows serve two main purposes: curb appeal and temperature control. You may be aware that high-quality windows do not come cheap, so it’s important to install windows that you will benefit from for years to come. But when you’re dealing with persistent window fogging or condensation, it’s a sign that your window glass is no longer in good condition. If you are experiencing failing window seals and fogging glass, then it may be time for insulated residential glass replacement in Santa Fe, NM.

What is insulated window glass?

Insulated glass is the combination of two or more panes of glass used for window and door glass on homes and a variety of other buildings. To seal the space in between the panes of glass, air or an inert gas is inserted between them, which acts as a sealant. This method of insulating glass controls the transfer of thermal energy into or out of your home. The result is a comfortable indoor living environment.

Window glass fails for many reasons

Because damaged seals let in moisture and contribute to mold growth, windows are prevented from properly regulating temperature. This is evidenced by the presence of morning window condensation, whether it goes away or remains for the duration of the day:

  • Age: The window seal design is made to allow some give around the glass to properly accommodate expansion and contraction as the temperature changes. These types of seals are flexible, but the material will age and breakdown eventually, letting in moisture.
  • Daily wear and tear: Multi-pane window glass is good for both stationary and operational windows. However, window seals may experience considerable wear and tear over the many openings and closings throughout their lifetime.
  • Water damage: Damaged seals and weak window frames are two reasons why water and condensation are able to get in between glass panes and into your home. If the problem is not fixed, severe water damage is likely.

Fogged window glass has a negative impact

Fogging happens in multi-pane windows with broken seals, in between low quality glass panes or after a poor installation job. The fog is created from trapped condensation. This has a number of negative effects:

  • Increased energy bills: Fogged windows are failing windows, as they are no longer able to offer proper insulation. When you notice an increase in your heating and cooling bills, check windows for broken seals, drafts and glass damage.
  • Affects property value and curb appeal: Good, solid windows will add value to your home, while fogged glass takes away from it. Sad, damaged windows also make for poor curb appeal.
  • Costly window replacement: Whether you’ve long neglected your home’s windows or you recently purchased an older home with poor window installations, your best bet is to invest in quality insulated glass replacement. Hire a professional to install your new windows.

When you are in need of insulated residential glass replacement in Santa Fe, NM, look no further than the team at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror. Contact us to book a service appointment today!

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