Ready for Window Replacement in Santa Fe, NM? Get to Know the Types of Window Glass

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There are several different types of glass you can select for the windows in your home, and narrowing them down to make your final choice might not be an easy decision. Here a few of the residential glass options to consider that can help make your choice for window replacement in Santa Fe, NM a little bit easier:

  • Tempered: Tempered glass is a single piece of glass that undergoes a heat treating process to add durability and strength. Since tempered glass is difficult to break, it is great for high-risk areas in your home where the chance of the glass being destroyed are high. For example, if you have sliding glass doors that lead out to your backyard and you know an errant ball might come hurtling towards the house at any moment, tempered glass would be a great solution for this area.
  • Laminated: This type of glass is a layered combination of both flat glass and plastic. The plastic layer that is in between the layers of glass stretches as opposed to breaking, and also does a great job of bonding the glass together in the event that the outer layers are broken. Laminated glass, similar to tempered glass, is a great option for areas where broken glass could result in harm to those in the area around the breakage.
  • Tinted: The purpose of tinted glass is to keep the sun’s rays out of your home, which can be advantageous for many reasons. If the tint on your glass blocks the sun, your home will remain cooler on hot summer days, and as a result you might not need to run your air conditioning as high or for as long. Additionally, the tint on this glass can reduce the glare that you might encounter on your electronic screens at midday, and can also slow the fading process on the material of your furniture or carpet.
  • Insulated: There are multiple benefits that insulated glass can offer your home. Because of their double or triple-paned design, they can help keep your conditioned air inside your home, as well as keeping external air out, which can subsequently increase energy efficiency. In addition to the insulation properties, this glass can also help reduce the outside noise, making it a great choice for rooms that you plan on spending a lot of time in.
  • Beveled: To achieve the beveled style, thick glass is angled around the edges, and color along with multiple designs can be added to take this look to the next level. This glass is great for entryway doors, or to add a touch of class around the light fixtures in your home.

If you need help determining which type of glass to use for window replacement in Santa Fe, NM, give us a call at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror. We have been repairing and replacing glass since 1995, and we are dedicated to making sure that you have the highest quality glass at the best prices around. Give us a call today to learn more about all of the glass services we can offer you.

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