Six Cleaning Hacks to Keep Residential Mirrors and Window Glass in Santa Fe, NM Looking Their Best

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Let’s face it—your home’s window glass and mirrors don’t look their best a lot of the time. It’s even worse if you have small children slapping greasy hands on glass or pets licking the sliding glass patio door several times a day. Here are six homeowner-approved cleaning hacks to keep residential mirrors and window glass in Santa Fe, NM looking good every day of the week:

  • Stop using newspaper: Mom may have taught you to use crumpled-up newspaper to wipe windows clean, something you likely still do today in your own home. However, as environmentally friendly as it is to reuse materials you will recycle anyway, newspaper can get messy after initial contact with a wet cleaning solution. Your hands get inky and the paper starts shredding! Instead, grab an unused coffee filter to remove streaks on windows and residential glass mirrors in Santa Fe, NM.
  • Get a squeegee: There’s a reason why professional window washers have squeegees in their bag of cleaning supplies. Squeegeeing is a quick and efficient way to get those streak-free home windows you’ve been dreaming of. To ensure the blade doesn’t dull too fast, wipe it down after each swipe and change it out when it begins adding streaks instead of removing them. Also, refrain from using the same squeegee on the inside and outside of windows. There’s more dirt and debris outside than there is inside.
  • Use a blackboard eraser: Here’s a glass cleaning hack you’ve probably never heard of—use a regular blackboard eraser to rid your life of pesky streaks! Run it over a dried, squeegeed window or mirror to remove stubborn streaks, or use it on its own. You can find brand new erasers at a craft store or purchase one online.
  • Mix together a homemade cleaning solution: First off, most cleaning solutions manufactured in a factory are laden with all sorts of nasty chemicals. This should be reason enough for you to want to make your own cleaner! All you need for a simple homemade cleaner is two parts water, one part dish soap and one part vinegar, or play around with different measurements to get the results you want.
  • Clean from top to bottom: You know how it’s better to dust furniture before vacuuming the floors? Cleaning in this order lets missed dust fall to the ground to be sucked up into the vacuum. Apply this same approach—wiping side to side, and from top to bottom—when cleaning glass windows and mirrors, whether using a squeegee, a coffee filter or a blackboard eraser.
  • Remember the small details: Every once in a while, it’s good to take care of the little details of cleaning. For example, wipe up water marks and drips around edges with a cotton tip swab, and try a non-gel toothpaste to buff out scratches, or rubbing alcohol to remove sticky sticker residue.

If you need repairs made to mirrors or window glass in Santa Fe, NM, don’t hesitate to contact the pros at Santa Fe Glass & Mirror. We’re always here to help!

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