How to Clean and Care for Glass Shower Doors in Santa Fe, NM

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While it’s important to keep every fixture and surface in the bathroom clean, there is one functional part that is often overlooked: glass shower doors. Perhaps the reason for this is that we feel it’s the actual shower area that needs regular cleanings, and not so much the doors. Truth be told, though, the interior facing panel of your shower doors are repeatedly slammed with hot and cold water, shampoo, hair conditioner, soap and any other number of personal hygiene products. All of this builds up over time to create an ugly film on the glass surface. How can you prevent this?

Luckily, there are ways to maintain shower doors with ease. Here are some of the best tips to clean and care for your home’s glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM:

  • Use an in-shower squeegee: Having a squeegee in your bathroom to use on fogged mirrors and wet shower doors is an excellent idea; using a squeegee on the inside glass every day after a shower is a good habit to pick up. It’s an easy way to keep glass shower doors maintained, and to avoid running into hard-to-clean soap scum. It can even help to prevent the need for premature glass door replacement.
  • Apply dryer sheets to buildup: Did you know that you can use dryer sheets to soften set-in soap scum on your glass shower doors in Santa Fe, NM? You can! First, put on cleaning gloves. Get the dryer sheet moist with a bit of water, and then scrub the glass with it. It might be better to use fragrance-free dryer sheets and to test a small spot on the door first.
  • Repurpose old toothbrushes: Unless that old toothbrush is nasty beyond all reason, keep it in your cleaning supplies. Old toothbrushes are fantastic for getting into tight areas between shower doors and the edge of the shower, or inside door tracks or splashguards.
  • Spot clean daily: Spot cleaning your shower doors after each use will make weekly cleanings mush easier. To do this, use a simple shower spray on the glass shower doors before you get out. Then, use a squeegee to remove dirt and grime loosened by the warm water and steam.
  • Ensure proper bathroom ventilation: Bathrooms in general need proper ventilation, such as a window that can open or an exhaust fan, to keep moisture at bay and to remove odors. Open the window and leave the fan on during and after bathing so your shower doesn’t grow mold. Leave the shower doors and bathroom entry door ajar to allow steam to escape and water to dry. This is also a good option if the bathroom doesn’t have reasonable ventilation.

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