Why Should You Consider Upgrading to a Frameless Glass Shower Door in Santa Fe, NM?

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Do you currently have a framed glass shower door, but are seeking a more contemporary look for your bathroom? Or maybe you’re simply trying to gather information about your options as you consider a remodel down the road. If either of these scenarios applies to you, here are some reasons to consider upgrading to a frameless glass shower door in Santa Fe, NM.

Frameless glass shower doors:

  • Require less upkeep: Because frameless glass shower doors don’t have tracks, there are fewer places where dirt, mold and other grime can accumulate than with framed doors. As a result, cleaning frameless doors is a less intensive process. In addition, your shower door won’t be susceptible to corrosion and rusting in the way a framed glass door with a metal frame would.
  • Call attention to beautiful tile work: Perhaps your shower already has intricate or unique tile work, or you’re interested in making the switch to a more attractive tile. The sleek, less cumbersome look of a frameless glass shower door will make the tile a focal point, rather than the heavy metal edges of a framed glass shower door, which can be a distraction when taking in and appreciating the bathroom’s overall aesthetic.
  • Can increase your home’s value: Because frameless glass shower doors offer a modern touch that appeals to many of today’s homebuyers, the addition of this style of shower door may help to make selling your home an easier process than it would be otherwise. If increasing the value of your home is attractive to you and you envision selling it in the future, it may be worth the investment to have a frameless glass shower door installed.
  • Bring a modern look to your bathroom: If you feel like your framed glass shower door makes your whole shower area look heavy and unappealing, it may be because you’re ready for a different style of door that doesn’t require that the door’s edges be wrapped in a metal, rubber or other type of seal. A frameless glass shower door helps to bring an airier, streamlined look to your bathroom, as only hardware needed to attach the door to the shower is necessary.

Have you been contemplating embracing a more minimalist aesthetic? Trying out a new modern feel with a frameless glass shower door is a great way to make progress toward your goal of simplifying your home and its décor.

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